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Annnnd we're back.  Yes, the site is ugly as heck... we'll be working to fix that.  Consider this a 'live beta' for the site upgrade.

If you notice any bugs or problems, please post them here as a reply so I can track them more easily.

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IC-ish: The Life and Death and Disjointed Half-Life of Alaros Sunwhisper and Company

Hello! I have wandered back in, as I am wont to do every year or so. Have a thing!

Note that it takes me long enough to write these, let alone put so many LINKS as I did the last one. So I'm not bloody well going to. Sorry, not sorry.


(p.s. I hope you all are well. Some days I miss you.)


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Coming Home

Braghaman stood patiently in the mage tower in Stormwind.  He would glance at the portal from time to time, but didn’t move around much otherwise.  The paladin didn’t take notice of the people arriving from the portal, walking past him to go to the city.  In the distance, he noted the tolling of the bells in the Cathedral tower marking the eleventh hour of the morning.  Straightening his shirt, he turned his attentions back to the portal.

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Building A Future


Braghaman sat on the side of the fountain, watching people come and go through Darkshire.  A mug in his hand, he would occasionally take a drink as members of the militia walked their patrols and new people came visiting to town.  Every now and then, he would return a greeting with a nod.  But for the most part, the paladin seemed lost in thought.


Braghaman looked up to see the head of the Night Watch standing next to him.

“Commander Ebonlocke,” the paladin answered with a nod. Then he took another drink from his mug.

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Cleaning Wounds


Braghaman sat on the healers’ stool to the back of the room.  He had taken off his leather vest and was pulling off his shirt, grunting quietly as he did so.  The healer slowly, but confidently started unwrapping the bandages around the paladins torso.  Once discarded, the healer began tending to the paladins wounds. Through the process, Bragh’s eyes stayed closed and his head tilted slightly towards the ground.

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A New Home

The death knight walked across the frozen, barren field. Ahead of him the mountains rose towards the cloudy skies.  In the distance, he could see airships circling.  And all around was the low, plaintive moans of the undead and the condemned. 

As he moved past skeletons and other monsters, the death knight found what he had been searching for. At the base of the mountains, he found a cave. Not particularly deep, but it would serve his purposes, the undead warrior thought.

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Thisstle sat in front of the hearth, quietly watching the flames of the fire. Nearby, her friend Braghaman slept. Every now and then he would groan, but then he would continue to slumber.

The night elf’s eyes lingered without focusing. Then, she looked up and a smile began to creep onto her face.

"Welcome back, dear,” she said without turning around to look.

Thank you, ma'am,” Erik said quietly as he stepped into the room.

"How was your meeting?” Thisstle asked, turning to look at him.

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Waking to Darkness

Braghaman opened his eyes slowly.  He hurt.  Everywhere.  Everything was blurry and at first everything sounded muffled.  But slowly, his eyes focused and he could hear his own quiet moans.  He tried to raise his hands but found that this left arm wouldn’t move.  Bringing his right hand to his face, he shielded the light from his eyes and started to turn his head to look around.

“Careful, dear,” a familiar voice called.  Braghaman looked up and saw an elf sitting over him.

“Thisstle?” Bragh whispered.

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Time with the Family

Braghaman led his family down the hill into the clearing.  Behind him, his wife and son rode their fiery steeds behind the paladin’s charger.  Slowly, they made their way into the opening, the ancient portal ahead of them.  As they reached the bottom of the path, Bragh pulled to the side and watched as Anaja and Banny rode up beside him.

“Think this will work?” Bragh asked, keeping his voice low.

“I think so,” Banny answered.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” the paladin inquired.

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Making Plans

“This will do it?” Banagan asked, turning the crystal over in the palm of his hand.

Nearby, the warlock’s parents, Braghaman and Anaja, were watching him.  The paladin sat in a large chair near the hearth of his home while his wife sat across his lap, alternately paying attention to their son or batting at one of her husband’s braids.  The three sat in the main room of Braghaman’s home in Ironforge, its thick stone walls keeping the home cool.

“That’s what Chromie said,” Bragh answered.  “This apparently is the key to your going home.”

First Kiss

“S-s-sorry!” Janosis had his “I-can’t-believe-that-just-happened” expression. A now-empty water skin was crushed in one hand and he held the broken stopper in his other. The water dripping from his hair when added to the other elements made the scene almost comical.

Old Soldiers: It Doesn't Get Better the Second Time, Either

Harrigan found himself, for the first time in his adult life, unable to just grab his gear and be ready to ship out in five minutes.  He had to ask the neighbors to watch over his little farm and feed the animals.  There were regular deliveries he had to cancel.  He wasn’t sure how long he’d be away, so everything perishable in the kitchen had to go.  He needed his old scouting gear which had been packed away.  He found it frustrating and another sign that he’d grown too complacent.

Then he smelled the cigarette smoke.

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Needle in a Haystack


Braghaman stood looking cross the fields of grass.  Nagrand is always the same, he thought to himself as his gaze swept from one direction to the other.  The sun shone overhead, but not oppressively so.  It would be a pleasant day trip, were it not for the scene nearby.

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Patrol Debriefing

“So what happened next?”  Banagan asked, wiping a tear from the corner of his eye.

“Well, I told them that I was just a poor brother from the Church and had no gold,” Braghaman replied with a smirk.

“Did she buy that?” the young warlock asked.

“Not at all,” Bragh answered his son with a chuckle.  “And then they threatened us.”

“Threatened?  But there were only two of them.”

“That’s right,” Braghaman responded, taking a drink from his mug.

“But there were five of you,” Banagan said, incredulous.

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Shrouded Dawn: Duskwood Patrol


Due to concerns of revived Defias activity, incidences involving undead and worgen, lingering questions about nearby Karazhan, and other incursions, the Shrouded Dawn will be patroling the lanes of Duskwood to offer assistance as needed.


((If this works out, it could become a weekly event.  Departing time is Server Time.))

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Starting Over


To All Shrouds,

There have been no serial murders in recent months. The worgen killed in Ironforge seems to have been behind it. But it is still Duskwood. 

Effective immediately, the Shrouds will begin patrolling the roads of Duskwood. Offer assistance as needed. Reminder: be professional to the officials there. Schedules will be posted soon. If you can't make a time, arrange with a guild mate to cover. 

There are no plans in the immediate future to reopen the school. 

Braghaman Larethian


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Drinking with Dragons, part 2


The paladin stared at the figure of the gnome sitting next to the hearth. She smiled, seemingly innocent, as she looked up at him. Even if he had not known the truth about Chromie, Bragh could feel something… different about her.

“Commander,” Chromie began. “Can we talk?”

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Drinks with Dragons


Braghaman flew in to Darkshire, a bit tired but still in good humor.  Holding on to the reigns of his charger, he rode into the town square.  Most of the Nightwatch took notice as he arrived, some even nodded in his general direction.  The paladin nodded in kind, ignored those who wished to be ignored, and pulled up to the fountain.  Climbing down from his saddle, he saw the person he had come looking.

"Commander Ebonlocke," Braghaman said, perhaps a little more loudly than he intended.

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A Fateful Lie


(( Hello there! I wanted to put this out there about how Talth and his original wife met. Please let me know if something is not clear, or doesn't make sense, critique welcomed. Questions as well. ))


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My Shame

The sun had disappeared into the west. Its last rays were fading, cast in shades of amber and violet. The long shadows of the canyon walls loomed heavy, and throughout the city people were hurrying to the imagined safety of their homes. The days had grown dark in Orgrimmar. The clank of armour could be heard as the city guard approached. The curfew was in effect.


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After a long absence, a return

Has it only been two months since I returned from the Twisiting Nether?

How long I was gone, I know not. It may have been five years. It may have been fifty.

My return was ... unexpected. I will not discuss why I entered the nether, other than to say I was looking for what was most precious to me. What I found was... not what I had hoped to find.


I will speak of that no further.


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The Reverie of Aveece Nightgazer

((The thoughts of Aveece Nightgazer upon  recent events Small Spoiler ))

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Hallow's End: (7) Evaluations

The scene played out delightfully.

To be perfectly frank, I did have my doubts. There was a moment where I did regret my hasty involvement in eliminating both Plumm and Mortim. I should have been more discreet. Even allowing Mortim time to cause a panic could have elucidated a significant improvement in the emotional tension I was seeking to create. I became too involved in the experiment, and have thus marred the outcome. This is what comes of starting an amateur study so carelessly. 

Old Soldiers and Second Chances

It was almost evening when Harrigan arrived at Shattrath. He started from Auchindoun that morning, figuring the cross-country ride would be good for the elekk that rumbled steadily beneath him. He let Scrap have his head for the most part, which sadly led to exploring every new plant, stream, and defile they passed near. His back regretted his decision and the rest of him was ready to agree.

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(OOC TOPIC) Cross realm/city merger

Alright I've been wondering how this will work


considering on different servers I have had characters who were the same just a different "timeline"


now with the merging of cities and servers its pretty hard to keep that up.


Anyone got any opinion on this or maybe a solution :P


best e.g - on ShC I have Tamaki who's niece is Gabriella. (a baby)


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The Juliet Letters: Part 2


Dearest Montague,


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