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Bug Bombing!

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Her hand stopped at the edge of the mailbox, fingers resting heavily on the metal hinge. There was blur of blue as she slammed the door shut, taking a step back from the mailbox hesitantly. Her eyes darted to the room upstairs, Ryodan wasn't back yet. Her hand moved to the com at her side, pushing the button with a frown. “I go' some sorta package-”


Her ear twitched at the response. She knew it had been months since the bombings, but she wasn't accustomed to getting anything in the mail- let alone something with that bright of blue covering. She frowned, stepping over to pull the handle silently, attempting not to trigger any response from whatever lay within. The girl's breathing caught in her throat with each light click of the metal, until the lid lay open.


“Now wha'?” She spoke into the com, frowning at the blue ribboned box in the metal case. Occasionally a letter or two had found her, but this- this was a deliberate threat. She wanted to touch the package, lift it up and shake it with curiosity. But she held her form- waiting for a reply.


There hadn't been a bombing in months, and from what she heard- it was only the nobles that seemed to be getting these packages. They had people to open their mail for them, people that were willing to die- over a bit of communication in a box. She wasn't one of those people. As she stared flatly at the box, the com spoke up.


Who's it from?”


Ariava's face contorted, moving towards the metal case with a sigh. If this was the way she was gonna die, she was at least gonna figure out what this death box was. She snatched it out, pulling the ribbon off in a flurry of paper and snapping noises. The box gave way quickly to expose a padded area of cloth, housing a small box.


There was a flash of blue from within the box and Ariava dropped it with a yelp. Her rear hit the dirt almost as quickly as the container had, pushing herself back with a trembled whimper. As the dust began to settle at her feet, she noted the grass and dirt that had fallen from the package.


She felt a light peck at the side of her ear- a nipping feeling of fuzz, or feathers. “Tha' fel-” Her eyes turned, staring directly at the light blue moth that had settled on her shoulder. It cooed and snapped it's head up as her ear was taken from it's nibbling area. She lifted her hand to her com, pushing down the button with an exasperated sigh. “It's... a dam' moth-”  Her eyes move over the the moth, finger lifting to nuzzle behind it's antennae. "Than's Blue..."


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((Lol, I hadn't even thought about her being freaked out like this, too cute. And you're welcome.))

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((Very cute, nicely done, this whole little scene made me laugh))

Walk with the Earthmother.

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(lol its so cute :) Ari poor dear is suspsious of everything bad blue for forgetting that lol)

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((When you've never gotten a package in the mail, and you heard months ago...that people were blowing up- I kinda think that might make you a bit ancy at getting a box in the mail.   ;)    Thanks guys! ))

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(So very cute! I am glad to see you writing on Ariava again. I have missed her clever prose.)


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