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​Shopping for female Elves was, quite possibly, one of the most difficult events a man could face. Especially when it was shopping for a nice gift to aid and accompany apology. 

​The first question that you always had to ask was "is this thoughtful enough", the answer was usually a resounding "no" followed by an incredible amount of over-thinking. If you could get past that, the second was always "am I going to look like I'm kissing ass," which always seemed to be a resounding "yes", inevitably starting the process back over again. The "will she like it"s and buyers regret came much later. 

​There was also the notion that if he got one of the Threadneedle women something he'd have to get one for the other to prevent jealousy. Especially if it was something they both liked, like glass vials painted with a thin strip of paint that could be scribed on with chalk and wiped clean later. It would be incredibly handy for bottling plant specimines or other such sundries. 

​Kharris and Tali would probably find them incredibly practical with the work that they did. So, he purchased two crates full of twenty-five with multi-colored chalk. Both of the women were vibrant, certainly. They liked color. Maybe they would like writing in color! Maybe they wouldn't.

​He was definitely over-thinking this. And over-complicating. He had just felt like such an ass after he had brought up Kharris' estranged husband and roughly outed Asarel's shooter in the same conversation. Kharris had been busy since, too busy to be around Silvermoon. Giving a proper apology had been impossible. Using the tweet-box would cheapen it. He had been stupid since it had happened, and as a result to sick to travel to find her and apologize that way. He wouldn't be suprised if she was avoiding him. 

​He had also slightly upset Tali as well, though it was a different type of upset, by casually discussing her impending death. She had been drinking, rather heavily, since.  Maybe if she started working again, she'd stop thinking about it all. She probably wouldn't see the point. He always lost himself in his work when things were stressful, it was a welcome respite. He left Tali's box of vials in their room. He'd pack and mail Kharris' box in the morning with a simple apology note, just in case she was avoiding him.   

​Cyrena had sent him five cards with names and addresses. He was stressed. It was time to get lost in work. 


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There wasn't all that much time. Rethelia had been contacted, but more needed to be done. A reliable--'trustworthy' was too much to hope for--warlock needed to be found. Rethelia's theories were interesting and quite plausible. It was a shame, in a way, that the human woman couldn't be more help directly. Another human woman came to mind again and Kharris nodded slightly; it was time to contact her. Tali needed help now. Never mind the salvage coming up. Coordinating with the Reliquary set her teeth on edge usually, but Sunreaver Luminash would hopefully make that easier to bear and smooth any diplomatic wrinkles the ATS crew was likely to shake up. There was always a lot to be done, it seemed, so when an unexpected package arrived at the ATS Barge Kharris took a moment to relish the mystery before opening it and making the day mundane again. Dark, strong fingers pulled the vials out, smile pulling out a dimple for each cheek. She plucked up the note, still holding one of the vials, and opened it. Smirking, she shook her head. He didn't need to do that. Not that she ever considered giving the gifts back.
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((loved this blog, and wel done doing it from an IPAD! I iove the overthinking as he proceses what to get and if they women would like it or hate it.))
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(( D'aw. About time! ))


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((You discribed the failings of a man in every aspect when it comes to buying a woman a gift , regardless of the situation, Good job with this one , I was nodding in agreement the whole way through small fits of laughter :D))

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