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It shouldn’t have surprised me. I could still feel Kharris’s eyes. The usually playful sparkling hue was flat and serious. Angry even. Hell, I even knew why.

Because I had used Iloam.

Soooooooo..... maybe I could have done things differently.  I should have figured out someone else to use to cleanse the corrupted soulstone. So maybe there were pieces of decay and voices of the past lurking in the bottom of that oily stone. But they are fucking crazy, if they think for a second; I was sticking that putrescent vile stone that smelled like another warlock in my ex-husband.

Jericho may not be mine now, but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t kill everyone in that room to protect him.

Iloam was strong. He could take it.


So why the hell was it Kharris’s eyes that I saw as I walked away from the scene.

That flicker of suspicion.

Because I knew why I had really done it. Tests, upon tests. All of them leaping to protect, nothing had changed for them. Who faltered, who failed, I kept tabs on that too. Don’t think I didn’t. But in the end. It was just one that paid the price. Just one. Like everything with I shared with Iloam. I never asked. I just took.

I stared down at the flat of my palm. The rounded scar peeling and rolling over the smooth white flesh.  Shared.

I couldn't resist. I peeled the scab back, that sliver lurked just below the surface. Jericho. He would never know. I only stole a piece. Just a touch. Enough.

I stroked the shard and with a bitter gasp; drew it free. It was only fair. He had taken my soul, right?

They would never have to know. Just me and my demons.

Ziluri stares now, as though sudden pieces flung themselves together. He smirked that evil little impish smile. I turned back to the map. The pieces slowly rolling over landscapes of the parchment.

“Iantoh, where precisely are you hiding?” I steepled my fingertips loosely, before falling down on the raised map. "You can't hide forever," The words came out slow, leisurely as though a slow wave had been unleased from my throat. Nearly a purr. And perhaps it was a wave. That would come crashing down eventually.

I stared at my scarred palm, my thin lips curving upwards in irrepressible delight.

Yes, inevitable was a good word for me.


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... Why didn't you people just use a dog, or a cat, or a rat or something? *sighs* Nevermind... ask a silly question...
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Because a dog cannot give justification, like Iloam could. Besides, Iloam like all mammals, like all of us are simply creatures. Or simple creatures, I cannot ever remember the phrase.


If poison, arson, sex, narcotics, knives have not yet ruined us and stitched our quick, loud patterns on the canvas of our lives, it is because our souls are still too sick.



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You mean you didn't think of it. And you wanted to savor that one last opportunity to take. "Simply creatures?" Perhaps, Synn but there's one... small... difference. *dryly* I like Iloam better than dogs.
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And thus, my hatred for warlocks. Can't trust a single one. There is Light and dark - but you willingly delve further and further into the dark - caring for none but yourself. Justify it all you like. (( Well done. It was good to see you in game again! ))


Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider, is chaos for the fly.  ~ Morticia Addams

 All life is an experiment.  The more experiments you make the better.  What if they are a little coarse, and you may get your coat soiled or torn?  What if you do fail, and get fairly rolled in the dirt once or twice.  Up again, you shall never be so afraid of a tumble.  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Bloody hell just took everything I went through in my attempt to protect Iloam and you bloody USED him? Like a disposable filter? It was not your place to make that decision. You're lucky I didn't have my faculties in that room or I wouldn't have allowed it. *sigh* I only hope the damage you did this time isn't irreversible.

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((The end was awesome. :3 So very Synnaquinn! And the line 'but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t kill everyone in that room to protect him' ... Synnaquinn was maybe the only one who understood how Kharris felt in that room, which is probably why she didn't insist more on herself. I always feel like Synn and Kharris are like two cats who eye each other and can't decide if they like one another or not. What a very fluid 'friendship' they have.))
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*Is happy to see a Synnaquinn blog* I love your writing. Its always so on the edge and cliff hangers all the time. :D)

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((Don't you TOUCH MY IAN?! Missed your writing, love. Good to see it alive & well.))
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Hmmm. Corruption and testing. Hmmm. You may not wish me to come out of 'hiding'.

"Natural magic or physical magic is nothing more than the deepest knowledge of the secrets of nature."

-Martín Antonio Delrio, Disquisitiones Magicae, 1606