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Argent Dawn

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Learning and moving on

I was sitting near some abandoned house in duskwood where I was going to see my human family. I don’t think it’s a lot of trouble for them to travel out here since both of my parents are light users and my uncle is like an they should be able to take care of the zombies. Crazybook was busy chewing on some dried up patch of grass. I just shook my head and ignored him.


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Surrender (55 words)



The true light has faded.

The Crusade's days are numbered.

Some say Onslaught Harbor is our best bet to survive.

Some of us pick a different path to survive.

We freeze in the snow and wind.


Hands over our heads.

The Argent Crusade search us.

We've surrendered to them and their promise of mercy.

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Christmas present for Sethlion!

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Crusader's Knight


(( It's been quite awhile since I've made a post on Aranak, but in case you were all wondering, yes, he is alive and well. =) ))


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In the Lion's Mouth

“So we’re prisoners.”

The sin’dorei man kept his hands in his lap as he stared levelly across the table’s dark, varnished surface. The blonde woman opposite him in formal leather armor kept the same neutral expression, brown eyes meeting lambent emerald without so much as a twitch.

“I did not say that,” she began, folding her hands on the table. “We simply cannot-”

Culling's Genesis


*Somewhere within the Eastern Plaguelands men and women were dying. Their eyes wide in betrayal and horror, disbelief even. A singing blade with no mercy cut down both man, orc, dwarf, gnome, whatever donned those colors.*

"Look at you, child, the would-be wielder of cannot fathom the power that lies at my command!"

The woman ignored the deep voice rumbling in the front of her mind as she froze several of the Dawn in place, their faces sealing in the horror of one rogue Ebonite slicing through their marrow.

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The Mojo Mask, Part 5


((Started way back in Part 1, here. This has gone longer than I anticipated, but I'm having fun with it; I hope you're enjoying the read :D ))

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The Eyes of a Sinner ((Art))


Piccy of Hrist

Quicky doodle of Hrist, sadly coloured with my mouse. Plan to do a more finished version of this once I get home to my tablet.


Her right eye is odd, as I was trying to capture the creepiness of her witch eye. Also was trying to show the difference between her normal vs her eyes as a Death Knight. I'll probably redo it.

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I have done many things in the name of the Crusade. Many things that made me untrue in honour or in my faith. Many things which had placed doubt in my heart which allowed the Lich King to prey upon it. I could have blamed the others, but I was blinded by the filth which had continued to feast upon the insides of the Scarlet Crusade. We were no longer the true or pure Crusaders, but rather renegades of broken valor and honour. We were a broken order.

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Reflections at 3 a.m.


Lirriel drew up her knees, wrapping her arms around her legs as she watched Drauglos sleep. It didn’t seem like he’d stirred while she’d been downstairs. Waking in the middle of the night with her stomach reminding her she hadn’t eaten since noon had prompted a quick raid of the Gilded Rose’s kitchen. They’d come here when he had allowed a friend to recuperate from injuries—and apparent amnesia—in his apartment; the Cathedral was too crowded for more than immediate need cases, she supposed, and the young woman was awfully jumpy besides.

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Though Wise Men at Their End ...


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I can sleep when I'm dead... or maybe not.


The upper half of a ghoul flailed about as it was drug along the ground on its back. A metal hand gripped it by the lower tip of its spine. With an underhand swing the ghoul was deposited on top of a burning pile of his comrades. It caught on fire and attempted to crawl away, but it did not make it clear of the pile before its body failed.

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Storming the Citadel


We will be assualting the flying scourge citadel of Naxxramas on Friday at 2200. Anyone is welcome to join us in this fight. Come back to Azeroth and prevent Naxxramas from amassing more armies to invade our lands. We will renew the assualt the following day at 1800 as well. You may think the scourge has been contained, but there are reports of Scourge in Kalimdor. We cannot afford to ignore this disease festering in our own lands.


((Ignore the time listed by the event, I am GMT+9 so it is way off what it will be for people in the U.S.))

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Telegraph to Light's Hope

Me heart's still pounding in my chest. I can taste her on my lips. What's left of the deviate delight costume is burned and shredded, sliced across my thigh with the broad sweeping wound of an axe blade. My own blood is seeping onto the cold stone floor of my wash room as the rain clouds move in over Shattrath sky. The rest of it... I don't know whose it is - there were so many of them, like a swarm moving over us, such beautiful chaos. I thought we'd be swallowed, until she lit up the sky. My laughter seems maniacal and giddy to my ears as it bounces around the small stone room.

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3. Many Meetings


Raealle crested the hill overlooking the village of Onnwal. Onnwal was a small hamlet prior to the War, smaller then Raealle’s beloved Bouillon even. Now, it was just another derelict village in the former Kingdom of Lordaeron. Several of the roofs had collapsed and the wood frame buildings had endured a fair amount of wear and tear over the years. On the outskirts, one could still see the hedgerows which separated the overgrown fields once tended by he villagers. All in all, it was a sad sight.

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Left Behind


The little light that existed in the land slowly faded out as Animos tossed the last of the scourge bodies onto the pile. He glanced upwards at the outline of the dread citadel Naxxramas floating silently into the darkening sky as he tossed a torch onto the pile of dead bodies. Animos sat down next to the glow of the fire and placed his backpack down next to him. He didn't need any light to see he had run out of supplies when he reached into his pack and drew out the last of his rations. He emptied out the other remaining supplies from his bag and sifted through them in the firelight.

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A Small Act of Kindness, pt. 4 and last

Scripture states: “We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that the Light prepared for us.” 

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A Small Act of Kindness, pt. 2


Scripture states: “No one is to be called an enemy. Before the Light, all sentient beings are your benefactors. You have no enemy except yourself.”

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A Small Act of Kindness, pt. 1

Scripture states:  "The Universe is the Light’s. It is one thing… a Wholeness… against which all separations may be identified. Transient life, even that self-aware and reasoning life which we call sentient, holds only a fragile trusteeship on any portion of that Wholeness."

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The Holmgang


((The night before the Holmgang.))

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The Ghosts of the Past


When Raealle finally arrived at Chillwind Camp, she found herself greeted by less then open arms.  But, then again, she had expected no less.  Of the knights of the Argent Dawn, there were many who remembered her and Browman’s Mill.  Finally, and upon the order of no less then Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff, she was admitted into the Order.

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Getting to it

(( Mature tag for some language))

"--So we are assigning you to extended Leave."

I think my eyes must have bugged out because Officer Pureheart had just clasped her hands behind her back and lifted her chin. I couldn't stop my tongue--nasty habit of mine, that. "You have to be FUCKING kidding m--." Pureheart's tight little line of a frown made me stop. She can be such a--Ahem. A stick in the mud. At her expression I wrested my tongue to stillness and straightened my stance to attention. Too bad I
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Scarlet Crusade vs. Thelda Cordell


Lord Maxwell Tyrosus
Argent Dawn
Light's Hope Chapel, Eastern Lordaeron


Lord Tyrosus:

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A Cruel Twist of Fate

The sixteenth day of the ninth month of the year 28

I’m such a tool. But it’s my choice I guess, so what can I do?

Thelda asked for help so I went. She had been a Dragoon, and even though we never worked together very much. When I had that terrifying encounter with Andarial in Feralas (I still don’t know why she didn’t attack), Thelda came to me to make sure I was alright. So of course I answered her call.

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The Argent Dawn and the Outlands

(( follows this post )) 

It was hard to leave the Sin'dorei...

It was hard to leave Silvermoon...

It was hard to leave Quel'Thalas...

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The Hearing of Sima Yi by the Argent Dawn

{{ Transcript, slightly edited, of a three-hour hearing about the murder of Thrage Rivenbar by Simayi at the wedding of Thrage and Undina. It was held in the Argent Dawn offices in Stormwind. The Horde participants created Alliance alts named Not<name> to avoid... complications. ;-) I've changed the names back so it makes more sense. The cast list is at the bottom (as well as I can remember) }}

The participants gather...

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Missive from the Argent Dawn

I received a letter today from my uncle Arrenz. Along with the general pleasantries of asking how his only niece and grand-niece were doing living within our gilded den of vipers, there was a message sealed with a black, gold, and silver insignia that I hadn't seen in a very long while.

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The Return I


"He who lives by fighting with an enemy has an interest in the preservation of the enemy's life."

~Friedrich Nietzsche


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