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Blade's Edge Mountains

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A Drifter's Tale: Pure Morning

Quite against propriety, better judgement, and perhaps simply to spite the absurdity of this sickness situation...I up and left town after being told I should quarantine.

The Call of the Hunt is not one to be ignored.  You've ignored enough of your desires for far too long, Drifter.

She followed me, followed my heart: to hunt, to drift, in Draenor again.

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The air was thick with humidity, the stale scent of fungi and likely remnants of actual spores clinging to my clothes as I hurried along the edge of the marsh. The ground felt unnervingly soft and spongey beneath my boots as I negotiated the mushroom laden landscape of Zangarmarsh, hot on the trail of a yet another alien creature- no easy task as this particular beast achieved flight without the use of proper wings, whose fantastic makeup was an uncanny mix of flora and fauna, like many of the lifeforms here.

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Snapshots: Blade's Edge Mountains

The mountains arch in impossible, claustrophobic spikes.
Their dusty roads are walked by ancient clans seeking a heavenly myth.
Their forests nestle in deep vales, protected by sheer walls.
Crystals gleam under the stars, their arcane energy wafting into the ether.
Alien dragons soar among them like dark clouds while craggy creatures stalk along ridges.

Blade's Edge

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