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Blade's Edge

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Outland made the perfect getaway from the blood feud of elves.

Rather, the lands not involved in the feud, at any rate.

The most peaceful land fresh in Kevkaln's mind offered far too much sport for one so keen on the thrill of hunting. The marshlands reeked of Draenei, both the diluted kind and the preaching kind. Terokkar, a variant on the forests he knew all his life, seemed fit, until one was ambushed by a pack of orcs or blood elves. There's little purpose in listing the reasons not to stay in the ruined lands home to the Dark Portal...

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Thirty Seconds Over Forge Camp: Wrath

Nestled among the bladelike formations that gave the mountain range its name, the Plateau of Enlightenment was a waterless desert of compacted sand and bare rock. This particular patch of wasteland, however, was distinguished by the forest of faintly humming crystal shards scattered across the landscape. Some, half-buried in the lifeless soil, seemed to reach for the alien sky with gigantic outstretched fingers. Smaller specimens grew from the joints of the local wildlife like bone spurs, making the beasts even more intimidating than their bretheren in the canyons below.

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