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Thoughts pt. 4


Sometimes she goes to Silvermoon. She knows she shouldn’t.

It’s very dangerous. She gets a bit of a rush.

She’s very careful. Someday it might all catch up to her in one horrible moment.

Will the excuse “I was looking for people I know,” hold up against blades?

Still, she hasn’t been in a while.




“I think green suits you best, Tee.”

Sylasc would probably never know it, but she bought at least three new green garments after that night.

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Bug Bombing!

Her hand stopped at the edge of the mailbox, fingers resting heavily on the metal hinge. There was blur of blue as she slammed the door shut, taking a step back from the mailbox hesitantly. Her eyes darted to the room upstairs, Ryodan wasn't back yet. Her hand moved to the com at her side, pushing the button with a frown. “I go' some sorta package-”


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