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((Takes place before

We just cleared up the top part of Orgrimmar and we're heading into the chasm. It was dark but I was able to see better than the rest of my squad as I was the only worgen even though I was in human form at the time. There were about 20 people in the squad. My squad leader was a burly, angry gnome with a shot gun. His plan at the time seemed well thought out and straightforward. We have to stay in a group and let the kor'kron come to us.

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Reflections in a Cream Cheese Frosting


Llane Venner sat bolt upright in his bed, sweat pouring off of his body. He'd had the dream again. There was no getting back to sleep now, even at this late hour. Pulling on a robe, he headed downstairs.

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There's nothing civil about civil war


I guess I've been feeling depressed lately, so I've been doing alot to distract myself from that. I gladly fought the Kor'kron and helped Vol'jin out which I predicted that the alliance would be doing. This civil war inside the horde reminded me a little bit of the Gilnean civil war between the rebels and the loyaltists.

It seems to me that the kor'kron are just a half of the horde with the revolutionists on the other half. The alliance make the revolutionists a whole even though the alliance and the rebels don't trust each other too much. You'd expect the kor'kron to be crushed by now, but they keep on coming. Every Kor'kron I see believe that the orcs are the superior race and I see goblins actually supporting them in that even though they are called ''inferior. The goblins are probably doing it for the money and I find it sickening. They would do anything for money.

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I finished training under master Snowdrift and the Hidden Master, and now I had to train under a real softie...Taran Zhu...Elune, this should be fun. He is the final person I have to train under until I am done, then I am tested at the white tiger temple. And according to other former trainees, it's like going to hell and back.

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The Recruitment, Part Two


Llane Venner crouched behind a tree, watching the road that led from the Thondroril River towards Andorhal. He'd chosen his ambush position well; right where the road passed between two great hills, a few hundred yards east of the crossroads below Hearthglen. He double-checked his weapons for the fifth time in the past fifteen minutes, one eye still trained on the road.

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Northern Hunt: Lifeblood


((Continued from Into the Jungle))

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The Landing Zone

“See you in there. Move out!” She heard Teslaan’s words and pushed from her crouched position, her Axe in hand she charges down the slope the ground thundering beneath her with each footfall. “Secure the Landing area, we hold until the main fleet arrives!” she yelled just as her entire world shook, a cannon blast landed near the rear of her unit, she heard the screams and cries but she pressed on.


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Continued from Cornered...


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Gone Fishing

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The Cure.




“Lets blow of some steam,” he said.


“I dunno, the last time time someone said that, I ended up on my knees, beaten within an inch of my life, and framed in a huge conspiracy theory against Silvermoon's best and most wicked,” I said snarkily.


He merely raised that imperious elven brow at me, making me feel like a child for even voicing my contention. But that was how he was.


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Rise of the Machines


Seven was approached by Irihapeti who had spoken to her before about protecting the Sin'dorei. Although her methods were counterintuitive, she could see the value in her end result. Seven was naturally suspicious of her words and even more of her veiled threats. The undead elven woman was confusing and incapable of being direct. Before she had finished spouting her ideals to Seven she left just as quickly as she had arrived.

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Statues in the Sand - Pt. 1

“Behind ya!”

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Letters from the Front (I)

(( Two letters wend their way through the mail system ))

Dear Professor Surehook,

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Finding a Phylactery



“Yes Ras?”  Tothe raised his glowing Gnomish eyes up to the Lich, momentarily abandoning his quill and parchment.

“I have to assume you know what a phylactery is.”

“I do.”

The Lich, Ras Frostwhisper, stood in silence with his tiny blue orbs of eyes trained on the Gnome expectantly.
Letting out a long sigh, Tothe continued, “A phylactery is an object that stores the Lich’s soul and while undamaged, provides the Lich with immortality.”  It was a textbook answer and thanks to Ras’ teachings, one that was imbedded into Tothe’s memory.

SI:7 Combat Primer, 5th Edition. (Inner Cover)


SI:7 Combat Primer, 5th Edition. (Cover)


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Janiil's Tranquility


((Repost from Last year due to the Shadow Council site it was on being taken down before Haven was put up, first of several blogs))

Shannae's Struggle

{{ Posted 7/11/05 on the Blizzard forums by Shannae, level 20 human warlock, The Silver Dragoons }}

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The Descent, Part 8: Learning to Be Still...


((Just a quick apology. I've let this thread sit for a long time, because it's older material and I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it. However, to rebel from Mr. Lucas, I'm going to leave this one as it originally was. I don't have anything to add, and though it's a little Kung Fu theater-ish, I still like it. For my father, the real life Sun Lü who taught me how to be still. Thanks dad, I love you.))


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Page 7 - Of Traitors and Treason

Lady Elivel we have taken two prisoners.”

Elivel looked over to the undead solider reporting to her. “Thank you scout, I’ll take it from here.”

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