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Ramkahen Burns


Sinobel hummed to herself absently, looking at her reflection in the waters which kissed the port town of Mar'at. 'My hair's grown long, and I hadn't even noticed' she mused as she ran her fingers through the strawberry locks, the dark blonde tinted as it was with henna.  She stared at herself, at her hair.  The reddish tones marked her connection to those myseterious desert folk who had changed her life so very much over these last few weeks.  She didn't look like the same person she used to be, and gods knew she didn't feel like it. 

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Building a Mystery, part 1

It all started with that intoxicatingly pleasant oil from the Mar'at bazaar.


She should have suspected it was a gateway to the unknown and thus TROUBLE, when she asked the merchant about the ingredients.

"A base of equal parts olive and almond oils, with...primarily the essences of bergamot and vetiver."

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Taken from a shitty internet screen


Time bakes under a clear sun,

Dries into a snake skin husk,

And tumbles, crackles in the parched wind.


Struggle flickers bright against a pale sand sea,

Living embers form small and shining islands,

Shaded not by palm, but the drying bones of ancients.


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We fell through the world, and ended up here.

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The Dead Hours; Desert Introspection


It was truly a dead, dangerous land. White as snow, cold as a woman's heart, and deadly as a goblin toaster.

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Tanaris: The Recent Past

Beneath the gliding crescent forged of silvery steel, the desert lay supine in rolling frozen waves of pale gray and darkest navy. Reduced from wavering phantoms of gold and palest topaz, the dunes are cresting currents stilled under the hard uncaring light. Tableau broken as distant ants far below the frigid pale pocked face of the moon toil over a sandy ocean wave caught in the heartbeat of time. Five figures shaped by harsh deep midnight blues, casting dark iron shadows across the silver-limned wavering dune crest.

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Tanaris - Introduction to the Chosen

The sun was a bronze disc in the beaten sandy sky. Where the battering, bruising sky met the rolling dunes, it darkened to the hue of forged iron.
Along the pale shifting sand were the homes of those who named the desert theirs. Dark shadows where the dunes hardened into stable expanses hedged about by the shifting tides of pale gold.

This is mine.
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Pages in the Sand: Epilogue


((The future))

Doric Steelhands' expedition to Tanaris was a resounding success.  The written materials found, as well as the other artifacts at the site, secured his place in academia.  Of course, the inevitable book and book tour came in due time.  Doric Steelhands became a much sought-after lecturer, as the insights he gained into the Scourge War by the journal proved to be priceless.

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