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Mission Impossible: One


Imbrey crouched down in hiding, sheltered from overhead surveillance by a massive, pink-leafed tree. Her geist squatted down beside her, using one long, crooked finger to poke through the dirt. Occasionally a wet, gurgly sound would escape its mouth hole, or whatever it had under there. Imbrey didn't really care to look.  "Bonethumper."

"Toooothgrinder, masssster," it hissed. With that, it proceeded to make a disturbing grinding noise, then spit out a chunk of something white.

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​Shopping for female Elves was, quite possibly, one of the most difficult events a man could face. Especially when it was shopping for a nice gift to aid and accompany apology. 

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Walk Away



   I had found a sort of peace, it consisting of a rotted out bar in the Undercity and a main line of whiskey. But peace for me is never something that lasts for long and at the sound of my name, I didn’t even have to turn to know who stood behind me. Iloam.

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