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Game Currency


    So this had always bothered me for a long while, never thought to address the issue or speak of it since there are plenty of work arounds.  Though, today my curiosity finally got the best of me.  How does everyone else write in their currency for RP, specifically higher denominations?

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The Reason Why

The Reason Why

As I struggle to teach myself the fundamentals of a career in which ineptitude leads to imprisonment or even death, you ask me why.

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The Purpose of Gold


Ariava's hands shook as she leaned over Ryodan's form on the ground. He was still breathing, and his chest shook. She hurried off the couch, kneeling beside him to gather him in her arms- blood began to trickle from his nose. And he...was laughing.


Pursuit for Justice...


I was lying in my bed, remembering the conversation I had with Ashle a few days ago, remembering her claims of disrespecting my own people. I will not lie to myself, I truely did, but that is only because of what I had seen through everything. My home slowly becoming more and more corrupt from within. I understood her viewpoint on it, but it was a viewpoint much to close to that of the Sin’dorei nobles, thinking they are superior for small things.

Trying to get my mind off of the subject, I arose from my bed, or atleast if you could call a pile of lumber a bed, the Dragonmaw truely did not know what a good bed looked or felt like, but I can not trouble an alliance with them over a simple thing such as a bed. Downing a quick mug of ale, I walked outside to my Black Drake, Helanthion and flew back home to Silvermoon.

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A Poster Proposing the Purchase of Peculiar Plants


(( The following notice is posted on a few billboards and lampposts around Stormwind.  The text is in Common and the ink appears to be homemade, somewhat low grade but rather colorful.  The full image and OOC explanation can be found below the break! ))

Plant Poster Preview Image

Plant Poster Image

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The Troll That Got Away (11)

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