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Carry on

I’ve gotten time to relax after the war and I can finally reflect on everything. The SI:7 became quite quiet now that nothing is happening. But if a dream I had does end up happening, I will be called in soon to investigate a murder.


I thought long and hard with what I want to do with my life other than combat and training, and I’ll try to write a few novels and a documentary of the war at Gilneas.


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On Trial


The engines of the barge were silent, but the room felt loud. The walls were darkened with soot and had a weird sort of sheen from the particles of oil that adhered there. There were no windows, the only light coming from bare bulbs that hung on grimy wires. The engines themselves crouched massively, waiting, seemingly ready to roar into life at the slightest provocation. It was the furthest possible thing from what Nassreen had imagined her workplace would ever be. But here she was.

She loved it.

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I'm Not Ready

Gil grins at me with all the happiness in the world, even after I gave him a black eye during the delivery.

A boy.

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Taking Stock

            There was so much.

So many things to keep track of.

Dimetri's gift had been wonderful, Gil had been absolutely astounded when he'd heard that Lawrence had designed the crib. The entire room was perfect.

Avdis had paid him a visit, his doting wife in tow. They'd given the soon-to-be born child a beautiful handmade quilt and a very old, very large tome containing children's stories and fables.

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Life Goes On.

She walked out of Bloodsword Manor her spirits higher than they had been in days; she smiled as she looked around a book about herbs tucked under her arm as she held it across her chest, her robes fitting her loosely as she walked through the Royal Exchange. A light wind graced her face as she made her way through the early evening darkness towards the city forge as she thought again of Aelberyn. “Thank you.” She whispered


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Song of Springtime

Bright is the sun where she shines on the trees,
Warming the leaves as they dance in the breeze.
Cool is the water, gleaming far below,
Singing his throaty song, murmuring low.
Clouds scurry, scattering wide as they flee,
Chased by the wind as he roars from the sea.
Only stone sits quietly, and she still
Suns herself, stretching out mountain and hill.
Beasts call, trees blossom, birds and insects sing:
Night is gone, cold is dead--celebrate Spring!

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The Plains of Nagrand


The talbuk's glossy white coat shone in the midday sun. The rhythm of its hoofbeats was a rippling joyful four beat thudding, like the heartbeat, like the drumbeat which could urge a willing soul into an outburst of song.

 The rustle of the long green-gold grass was a sussurration stretching as far as the eye could see and a pointed pale ear could hear.

If the horizon ended sooner than one might think from the memory whispered deep in the mind said should be, today it mattered less.

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Journal Twelve: Morals, Black and White vs Happiness


            Yesterday was rather hectic. The battle at the Sunwell seems to be becoming a stalemate, the Legion’s suffering heavy losses but more keep coming. Well, when I got home I thought I’d take a shower, but while I was getting ready, Jasria awoke from the dream.


Happy Recollection


Jasria smiles lightly her eyes still closed, she could still vividly remember everything that had happened last night. Taneel asking if he could rub her ears had dumbfounded her for several seconds having never thought he'd even suggest something like that. Since that kind of motion is similiar to kissing for night elves.

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Journal Eight: An Ordinary Day


Today was much less trying than yesterday. I took Mandy out training a bit, and its nice to see she’s really putting in an effort. I can’t help worrying about her though. She wants to fight beside me against Arthas but no amount of training and skill saved Sowelu or Janiil. I still worry that I’ve doomed her by taking her in. Though I suppose she’d be facing a different doom if I hadn’t, and at least for now she’s happy.

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The End Approaches: Acceptance


The bedroom was dark and warm; a few beams of moonlight filtered through the window onto Taneel as he lay beside Janiil. A contented smile played over his face as he held her body to him. His mind felt calm for the first time in weeks. From the small hints he’d caught from Janiil he was becoming sure of it, she didn’t plan to live much longer. The thought made him want to fight the impending doom, or simply panic, but somehow, her seeming acceptance of it and wish for him to be happy had given him a strange calm.


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Bed Ridden Thoughts


Janiil let her gaze wander over Taneel as he slept beneath her, her slender body laying ontop of him. Sighing lowly before laying her head against his chest her body barely registering the warmth from Taneel. Janiil doubted it would get better, she was barely strong enough to stand, all her senses were dulled immensely. It didn't seem like it could get worse.

For her anyway...

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The Journal: A Happy Day(1)


Janiil slipped back into Taneels home as quietly as she could. She had left after taneel had fallen asleep, she just couldn't sleep at all her mind kept racing. Janiil didn't want to forget again so she had to start tonight. It was fortunate that some shopkeeps were still open even at this hour, Jan had found a thick leathbound book full of blank pages that she had purchased.

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The Beginning of an End... or Maybe Not?


“I think I just want to sleep for now Taneel, maybe it will clear my head.”


“Of course Janiil... My Love.”


Taneel kissed her lightly before his eyes fell gently shut, the last thing he saw before sleeping was her beautiful face, framed by locks of purple and white hair, and the last thing he heard was her voice gently replying.


“My Love...”   

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Return to Haunt: Happy Ending


9th day of the 7th month


Taneel felt Janiil snuggle closer to him in her sleep. With a smile, he wrapped his arms

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A Pleasant Evening


Taneel smiled happily as he rode along the streets of Stormwind towards the barracks. The evening had taken an unexpected turn when he’d decided to visit Janiil. On an impulse, he’d tried to sneak up on her and heard her talking to Sqawk, something about someone she shouldn’t have accepted help from, but she no longer had a choice in the matter.

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Perchance to Smile

[Eight hours later... *Passes out.*  Photoshop CS2.  Massively resized for bandwidth.  I think my hand broke off somewhere...And in case you're wondering, Atama is a male... a very pretty one.]

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Artisania Marveloso didn't have a chance to utter a sound.

The little creature, still so soft and new to the world, fell in a heap at her feet, purple fingers outstretched. Its body, already somewhat strangely-formed, had been crushed into a pliant mass, the glowing protrubrances across shoulders and back fading little by little into a dark mass of mashed fungus.

Artisania looked down sadly at the young sporeling, then slowly raised her eyes.

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You Can Go Home Again


Hello dad. I know it's been quite a long time since we spoke last. I'm awful sorry about that. I guess I sort of allowed myself to be swept up in a lot of things. Not all of 'em good. But not all of' em bad either.

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A Warm Blanket


[Story with a semi-related picture. Semi-related. >_> Namely for the ladies. Enjoy.]

Her breath is warm, I can feel it over my neck. Soft, tender skin, silken blonde hair. Her eyes are golden, like her brother's, almost like mine, but her's shine more brightly. Cheerful spirits and happiness, that's what I feel from her. It's like a radiant glow, like her hair under the high sun in Eversong. I still have mixed feelings for her, but it's rather clear that she's here not just to pick up the pieces, but to be there when I need her most.

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Artisania Marveloso smiled wryly, watching the metal pauldron sink heavily into the snow. It was soon followed by another.

"What do you say to a swim?" Teledriath asked lightly, moving to unbuckle her bracers.

Artisania raised an eyebrow, looking sidelong at the steaming hotspring, a warm pool cupped in the snowy Winterspring landscape. She glanced back to Teledriath's smile and green eyes upon her.

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Lying Awake Dreaming


Heidel lays awake in his hammock. A few feet away, Andrade is lying in another one just like it. Strands of red hair have fallen across her face as she sleeps, and for a moment Heidel's memories show him another readhed. Lying in a cot instead of a hammock, he sees Corska. He looks over at Andrade in her hammock again, and his mind's eye supplies the details.

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Somewhere in Nagrand...


[Under the cut.]

[Photo reference used for the pose. Photoshop ftw.]

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Artisania Marveloso did not wish to move her hand.

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Faol Family Vacation in the Vale

So Mum decided that we should all go down to the Vale to kick back and do family things. I remember we went last year and it was just Mum, dad, and me. We had a great time, and this year we had Leben and Uncle to come with us. Liore manage to make it for a day but disappeared shortly after. Either way, it started to be a great week.


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Oh really?


"I'm very happy..."

"Oh yeah?"

"Incredibly happy.

"Why's that?"

"Because I have such a wonderful mate whom I love very, very much."

"Well...thank you, love. I have a wonderful mate too. It's a shame I'm married or I'd be all over you!"

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To Have and To Hold

Now it's harder to concentrate.  He's standing besides me in this beautiful robe that totally blows me away.  I can't help but cast my eyes on him while Fingal D'Argider recites the prayers and vows.  I should be focusing, I'm trying to pay attention, but damnit ... this is ...

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Burning Moment to Memory

"Mmm-hmm-hnn..." Pop! "Hmm'mm. Finally."
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The Wishing Well...

“You've made a friend,” Aelu said and laughed as the squirrel looked up at Savas imploringly. The shell of the walnut that the shaman had given the animal lay in broken shards at its feet and it sat up like a trained pet, begging. Savas grinned taking his pipe from his mouth. He exhaled a small cloud and rooted about in his pocket for another treat. Aelu laughed as the rodent danced excitedly, bouncing about the shaman's sizable hooves. Savas gave a small shout of triumph and produced another golden walnut, tossing it to the squirrel.
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Aldred walked brusquely past the people lingering around the canals as he made his way stridently towards the Trade District. A few turned to stare after him or give him hard looks as he brushed by and sidestepped those in his way. He wasn't in a hurry so much as he was just anxious to get away. Get away from the Cathedral. Away from her.


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