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The Sight.


 In truth, Darroc Dawnfire did not know what to expect from the cave. It had mattered little in the larger scheme of things at the time. At the end of the day, it was a place of nightmares. It was a place of horror and the things that lived there were unspeakable. Not because of the grotesque menagerie of altered living beings, but because they survived and yet it was wrong.

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Tricks and Treats


The Black Rose lifted her head at the sound of the rapping on the door to her house.  She looked at the clock on the wall and smiled, right on time, just as she expected.  The woman grabbed her mask, settling it over her face before she grabbed a handful of mana crystals and went to the door.  Opening it, she saw exactly what she thought she would-a wretched, his haunted blue eyes flicking around nervously as he fidgeted with the large bag in his hands.  

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Mantled in Mist


By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.”

     “…and even after Devlin rose again, from being rent down to the bones at the very hands of the Scourge to which he had betrayed his family, he found himself shunned and outcast among his risen bloodline. To this day, he roams the edge of Agamand mills, alone even among the dead.”
“Well, up UNTIL this very day,” someone interjects, tossing a gleaming white shape from his pack.

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     Daraman found Lyndra waiting for him back in the private chambers where he had renewed his service to Sylvanas, that cold, mocking smile on her face.  He said nothing, but instead reached into his pack and handed her the books.  She took them, still grinning as she thumbed through one, then the other.

     "Took you long enough, Dar," she remarked.

     "I'm sorry.  It's not like there were big signs saying 'Secret Tomes of Demonic Lore!' pointing at them," Daraman snapped back.

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One Week - Fast Forward

He wanted to protest. It had been a hard and painful night, how could he leave Asilia to find her way past every soldier the death knight had to throw at them on foot. Another thought let him clam his mouth shut and nod. He had no fallen for Asilia because she was a damsel in distress. She would be as likely as he to make it home alive. More if his injuries and her natural abilities were taken into account. He gave her a kiss and leapt onto his gryphon. He needed to get Jasria help now. Asilia was strong. He would see her soon enough.

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Destiny II - Sweet Dreams are Made of This


The dream came to me tonight, exactly as promised.

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Will and Small Hopes

((Originally Posted: 31 Oct 2006))

((This is a straight-up horror story, in honor of the day. This has no connection to any of my other writings.))

Once, the Twilight Cultists had tortured him. There had been beatings, brandings, and cuttings. Many times they had immersed him in water so long that he almost drowned. They had driven nails into his hands, fingers, kneecaps. When those failed they had become even more creative.

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