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internal dialogue

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Black Loyalty part 2

  The human image of Ythgar wept, above us the rage and anger Cymoril fed spurred a thunderous sea that had become the inside of my deathknight, farther above still he moved and ranted against the people who tried to bring him back to himself.  None of it mattered, not here… beneath it all was only this weeping figure, his grief and his warlock who happened to know the pathway into his soul.

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A Drifter's Tale: Pure Morning

Quite against propriety, better judgement, and perhaps simply to spite the absurdity of this sickness situation...I up and left town after being told I should quarantine.

The Call of the Hunt is not one to be ignored.  You've ignored enough of your desires for far too long, Drifter.

She followed me, followed my heart: to hunt, to drift, in Draenor again.

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The Drifter's Tale: Shift of Season

The girl had been found. This was a great relief to many.

If you say so. I had the situation well in hand. She was safe with me.

In keeping others safe, I vaulted myself into harm's way. I was confident I could handle this.

*a snort* Handle others easily enough, perhaps. But not me. The General. The Alpha.

The unexpected happened. Perhaps I was not as well prepared as I could have been.

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Not so forgiving

Taneel stumbled from a bed, it was warm for some reason, and his head was spinning. He stumbled a bit and found a wall then groped alone it in bafflement for several moments as his memory started to return.

Mead, I’ve been drinking a whole lot. Why?

He stumbled to his knees and wretched. His thoughts still blurred but he felt a surge of anger boiling in him.

The Traitor…

Why am I still mad at Drauglos?

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