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A House for a Soul


There weren’t a lot of personal things that Acelynn took a lot of pride in. Her skill in jewelcrafting was one of the things she did. She’d spent years practicing her hobby, figuring out the best ways to adapt traditional Elven wood carving into stone and then into precious metals and gems. Her time working for the Cartiers had only exposed her to Draenic and Dwarven masters and their techniques. The Dwarves were the kings under the mountain, no one on this plane knew how to facet and fracture gemstones to pull the radiance out from their hearts better than they. The Draenei were adept at figuring out the resonance of the crystals and imbuing them with magics and enchantments. Some cosmetic, others augmenting physical aspects of their wearer.

Acelynn had a strong grasp of the Dwarven theories behind why to cut certain gems a certain way. She had the Draenic knowledge of how to weave magic into them. She had Elven knowledge of aesthetics and beauty. She was smart enough to take what she’d learned and adapt it into her own handiwork.

In short: She was damn good at what she did and she knew it.

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Rising Star


Blessed quiet hovers within these four walls of my apartment in Shattrath. This city of Light has given me hope to start over once again. New robes adorn my form. The red ones have faded over time despite the occasional places where I washed out blood of my enemies from it far to many times. The scent of him is here upon my pillow. The silken strands of his hair across the satin stolen from moonbeams.

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From the Cradle to the Grave


Artisania Marveloso moved her fingers over the gold band.

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Goodbye and hello, as always


I have been riding Ereshkigal for a few days now. Talionia was right: I do think of her.

She met me at the door when I returned to Lashfire Sanctum. I think she knew something was wrong. She invited me in, and I started to speak, but she stopped me.

"Wait," she said.

"Talionia, I need to talk to you."

"Wait," she repeated, holding up a hand. "I want to give you something first. We will talk after. I promise."

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Something Red 2

Most people think gypsies all stick together – like we’re a kind of battered underdog, bound by our struggles to overcome adversity. Isn’t that a sweet sentiment? Too bad it’s utter rubbish.

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