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A Sleeping Giant


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Uncovering the truth about the grimoire

The Netherstorm ''shell'' incident was between the two twins, Gredle and Zulrohk and this insane scientist named Cornelius. I was tricked and I helped Gredle lure Zulrohk there to get this Cornelius to drain her powers. Though I rescued Zulrohk before it was too late, and she is doing better. And now my justice calls to go after the scientist.

A few days after the shell incident, I found Gredle in Darnassus, so I stopped to talk to her.

"We need to talk," I said, narrowing my eyes at her.

"What do you want to talk about?" What do you think I want to talk about?

"You tricked me! I thought it was for Zukrohk's own good, not for your masters' need for power!"

"It was for her own good. She could of killed more people."

"And if I tell the authorites of what you did....?"  If it wasn't for her calm behavior I might of struck her.

The Descent to Madness


(This is a Sonnet I wrote in my free time, please give some feedback thanks =D)

His righteousness burns like a living flame

Persuing justice with every breath

For his peoples wrongs, he would take the blame

He would fight against evil, until death


His people plagued, undeath setting in

A foe reared its head, one not seen before

He charged, sword clenched in hand, but could not win

On that day, his righteousness was no more


To the frozen shores, he persued justice

Any loss was worth victory that day

As darkness clings to his heart, he's restless

Nothing left of him, to their dismay

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Plot: Witchery


I wrote an entry, An Ill Wind..., for an alt of mine around a year and a half ago. The character was a fugitive witch, fleeing unknown authorities in Gilneas, who has stolen something of value to her former master. I never really fleshed things out, easily distracted as I am, but with the release of Cataclysm and the opening of Gilneas, I see a potential for a bit of fun taking up that plot. What I'm wondering is if there's anyone out there who would care to represent the authorities of Gilneas, or perhaps agents of that mysterious master, or even perhaps con-conspirators or other former students of said master. I'm open to other ideas as well, so if you care to join me in a bit of plot making, I'm opening the door here. Let's discuss it. Thanks for your attention.

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Failure to Adapt (5/50) - I

1. Air
Seven dangled a Dwarf over the side of the Silvermoon wall. She was going to drop him, but he had given up his partner. He would not fall through the air, she would just take it from him. She tightened her grip, he struggled. Time passed, the Dwarf stopped struggling.

2. Apples
A fresh basket of apples was in the room where the partner is crime was supposed to be. He was not home, but she had come very far for justice. The apples were the only sign of life in the drab Southshore apartment. Ironic that they would be his death.

3. Beginning
She normally enacted justice in Silvermoon, but some murdered rangers were the beginning to this hunt. She had caught the Dwarf near the scene, the Gnome fled. The murderers were dead and Seven would journey back North, but this was also the beginning of her exacting justice beyond Sin'dorei land.

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The blood was puddling around the man, his torn-off clothes darkening, soaking. The warrior tilted her head, considering her work. She sighed. It wasn't very effective, if only because she frankly wasn't very good at skinning.

She'd tried to peel the skin off the cooling corpse with the same expert skill her warden displayed, but to no avail. The man had died almost instantly, and without pain - that much she'd give him. She was no monster even if the one she hunted was.

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Lady of the Manor

A raven croaked from one of the nearby trees, jostling another bird for space on a convenient limb.

“Gathering already.” I thought. The scavengers would have their feast soon enough, for now they waited for the humans and their horses to leave.

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Maalvi's Lullaby


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An Urgent Notice


   Amongst the dozens of old fliers and posters placed upon the Silvermoon City notice board, one fresh page sticks out amongst the others...





   The Silvermoon City guard is proud to announce that after two years of seemingly fruitless efforts, one of the most wanted criminals of Quel'thalas has been brought to justice:

Chapter 3 - The Dispencing of Vengence


The Dispensing of Vengence

Sometimes Justice Masquerades as Vengence

Sometimes vengence can only be satisfied with death.



The day dawned bright and cool. Fall is coming Corrander thought to himself. Pulling on his Jerkin he hoped that the lackluster performance of this week’s training would be gone from this morning’s little gathering. He and Tandle had worked the lads hard in the last month to get everyone’s mind back focused on the matter at hand, rather than the escapades of that damn gnome.

Planning Their Demise


The little cabin in the mountains was set back into a the earth of the hill. The meadow in front was covered in snow, and as you flew over it on the gryphon ride from Thorium Point to Ironforge or points North, it looked deserted. The owner kept it that way on purpose. 

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Upstairs, Downstairs - Part 8


Philips ushered me into Lady Pittmeddon's office almost as soon as I knocked on the door of Pittmeddon House.  She took a look at me, seeing the gash in my jerkin and the spatters of dried blood that marked my sleeves.

"Trouble?" Lady Pittmeddon asked calmly.

"Your son tried to have me killed."  I replied with equal calm.  "Three of Bothwell's goons jumped me at the meeting."

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Sleeping Dogs - Part 3


The middle-aged man at the cobbler's bench looked up from his work looked up as I entered the shop.

"Can I help you, ma'am?"

"Mayor Wright?"  He nodded, his frown saying that anything official was probably bad news.  "I'm Dame Theryl Miller-Duskwind.  I'm here to lay a charge of murder against Justus Carpenter."


Soldiers Don't Die Without a Reason


 {{ Contains profanity, torture, and creepy-crawly things. }}

6/18/29 – Poor turnout for the meeting. I’ve yet to see Dragoon Jasria at all and Dragoon Lucear resigned. I’ve brought in Cation as Master Sergeant to help with recruitment. She came highly recommended to me. I’ve also stated that I want the Dragoons to look into the murder of Commander Ebonlocke in Darkshire.


Harrigan closed the journal and set it on the table before taking a long pull of the drink beside it.

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Pledges, Part 1

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Let The Women Kill Him

(Originally posted March 1st, 2006)

How can it end this way...? Part 2


The darkness consumed every possible pinpointe of light that might have been visible.  The air was frigid and no warmth could be found.  One's own breath could have been seen, if there was air to breathe.  Mizumi's spirit hung in limbo for what felt like an eternity.  She could not move toward the next realm or even back to her body.

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Reflection, Duty, and Conviction

Killing in the name of justice…

… Is still murder … in the name of justice

The horrors of my own actions …

… Thousands dead by my sword, and spells.

I will do what’s required.

So their hands stay clean.

Someone once called me an Angel.

If that’s true, I’m an Angel of Death.

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Crime Scene #3 (( Explicit ))


Crinock headed south, away from the city, away from his latest failed attempt at justice. His wounds pained him, but it was nothing that would not heal quickly with some aid, and traitors of Gnomeregan always had a bit of life to spare. He circled around the busy town of Goldshire and crossed the river on one of the small boats along the shore.

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Crime Scene #2 (( Explicit ))

Kelgar Bronzeaxe left the forge exhausted, covered with sweat, and looking forward to a hot meal and a warm bed. He strolled through the dark streets, paying little attention to anything but thoughts of his wife and his bed, and various combinations of the two, when he rounded a corner and stopped cold. He stared wide-eyed for a heartbeat, then vomited up his lunch onto the stone pavement.
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50. Justice


I have sworn no oath as a paladin,

But I will swear one now.

You have no voice, so I will speak for you.

You were murdered; I will find your killer.

By the Light that is in me you will have justice,

Though man, god, or demon stand in my way.

This I swear.


Even though you sought darkness,

May the Light find you.

Even though you died in pain,

May you suffer no more.

Let all this world's ills pass from you;

May you rest in peace and rise in glory,

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Crime Scene #1 ((Explicit? Maybe?))

A mangled gnome wearing smashed goggles is nailed above the entrance to the park with a wrench driven through his chest. He is in such a position as to be very difficult to pull down, even with a very tall ladder. His face sports a brilliant green beard and bright purple eyes, but the beard has mostly been singed away and only one of the eyes stares out blankly over the park.

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The priest took the charred body of the gnome off the altar with a sigh. If a soul would not return, he could not force it. The human carried the corpse down to the crypts for the time being. He ascended the steps, shivering, and left the burned gnome alone in the darkness. As soon as the priest exited, there was a purple flash, and a fully formed - although scarred and green - gnome lay on the cold stone. After a heartbeat, Crinock’s eyes flashed open. He blinked once… twice.

“Gnome! Murderer! ELVES!” he snarled as the events of the night rushed back.

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Theryl's Story - Part 25: De Profundis

Out of the depths have I cried ...*

Lorith had called us and I'd come. Couldn't do otherwise, given what I owe her. Just as important, she's a friend – don't have many of those. The Dark Irons had done something to her friend Veri, and Pugnose and Lorith thought that by hitting Black Rock Mountain hard we might break whatever control they had over her.

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