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Adult's Play


She laid the gem next to my arm while I sat naked at my vanity, brushing my crimson hair, debating which dress to wear for the day. The hair on my arm stood up as I felt the familiar pulse of a soul coming from the gem. I look over at the swirling mass of a slightly tainted soul. I look up at her, my tongue gliding over my ruby red lips. “What is this for?”

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Girl Friday

“Seventeen gold, eighty six silver and six copper.”

Nassreen mumbled to herself as she wrote the amount in neat, tidily curved numbers. Although the column was aligned in vertical perfection, it made for sobering reading. Her funds had dwindled alarmingly over the past three weeks, and she was still unemployed – an eventuality she hadn’t anticipated.

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The lies rogues tell



The look was priceless on Teufelia's face.  Since it wasn't often I'd catch my sly cousin compeletly off guard.

She took another sip from her glass of wine to wash the taste of debelief off her tongue.  

" was ok for me to lie to you?"

 I didn't even bother to hide the smirk "This one time, you're forgiven."

 I think her eyes crossed when I said that..but it was hard to tell since she up ended her glass to drain the rest of it's contents.

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The Accident

Everything was... fuzzy.


Nothing seemed real when her lashes fluttered open and quickly squeezed shut at the bright unapologetic sunlight that bore down on her from the large floor to ceiling window across from her bed. With a soft groan, the woman twisted beneath the sheets that were keeping her warm to find a more comfortable position along the cooler side of her mattress.


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Policy of Truth


I lied to him.


You had something to hide -
Should have hidden it, shouldn't you?”


He wasn't supposed to be there, granted. I wasn't ready for him. Hadn't prepared.

He'd get what I had, then.

 What my raw nerves would give him, that is.

 “I didn't expect...”

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A shot and a letter

Just past two early bells, a brawl breaks out at an inn, Broken Arms, in the harbour of a small port town. One of the two brawlers is killed in the fight, and as the guard tidy up his body, they find this scrap of a note.

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Avoidance is pain.


 The whispering call of Azshara in bloom stirs the woman's heart as quick as spring rises from the barren winters. Synn floats endlessly trapped inside the yellowed landscape as she pounds at the glass futilely. The warm wind grants no aid as she slams her skinny, scarred body against the 'surface' of her globe. Trapped in eternal spring. Trapped as the world squeezes around the vulnerable girl. What remains. His shell.


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Hidden Pain

The air swirled with a chill as she moved through the grass, heading to her new home. It nipped and gripped at her skin, but the girl didn't seem to notice. She pushed now dark purple bruise on the back of her head, frowning to herself.


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A knife in the gut


((The opinions of the following character are a paid advertisement for SuperDrugs and do not represent the opinions of the player. Thx. Rated explicit due to drug use and profanity.))

"Lady Sunwalker. Shryn'Dael!"

The words distorted and shattered and sounded like chimes in a swirling fog of colours and textures and smells. How did words smell? It was an interesting thought really. Her name smelled like apples at first but turned into vinegar - a nice red vinegar like salad.

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A Visit to Peraline Proxy Services

The door of the office opens and Kozha strides in, beads and charms rattling as he moves confidently toward the large desk. The middle-aged goblin behind the desk looks up from her ledger, gaze traveling up and down the young troll appraisingly.  He stands before her in a vividly colored robe, with fetishes dangling from his sleeves and several fat pouches hanging from his belt.  A feathered headdress stands tall on his head, beaded braids trailing down from underneath, and his expression is one of smug confidence.

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Dead Bread

The bread for the dead recipe had been followed perfectly yet the dough would hardly rise. ‘What am I doing wrong?’

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Sand Castles - Part the Last - Wherein Alcohol and Emotion Overcome Common Sense

He is sitting on a park bench as I approach, checking his watch and looking annoyed.

“Colonel Goswell.” I keep my tone as flat and official as I can to hide my nervousness.

He looks up at the sound of my voice, a puzzled look on his face. “Yes?”

“Miss Zemynovna will not be joining you, I’m afraid. She seems to have left town rather suddenly.”

His puzzlement changes to a frown. “What? Why?”

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The line of Stormcren: Prelude


 I’m pretty sure my jaw was broken, teeth felt loose on one side of my mouth and all I have been tasting is copper. I hate when I do something stupid…. Especially since every time I found myself bleeding.. It was usually for someone else. This was no exception. How long have I been here?

The little rogue knew I would follow her, she grinned when she had let the bait slip from her tongue… just one word… one bloody word…

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Spill the Sand


Do they not know where we were in the world in the times they send us to? Or are the threads of my lives so tangled even a bronze cannot trace them? Whatever the reason, the result is the same.

“We have tah leave. Now.” He’s out of his seat and on the stairs before the words are finished. As she comes out to clear the tables, he keeps his back to her, though there’s no chance of her recognizing him, wouldn’t be even without the illusion. We haven’t met yet.

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Confronting Mother

Trark wuffed and scratched at the door. Aerie set the teapot on the stove and peaked out a window, smiling as she saw Lirriel stabling her talbuk before turning to the house. She opened the door for the priestess. “Hey sweetie...” Her greeting faded as she saw the stormy look in her daughter's gray eyes before the younger woman had a chance to look away.

“What's wrong?” Aerie asked while Lirriel looked around the room. “Did you and Drauglos have a fight...?” Trark looked between the two, and then slunk to Aerie's bed behind the curtain in the back of the room.

A Crimson Death...



The stench of blood filled the woman's nostrils. She clung to the tabard tightly in her hand. From first glace you would think that the fabric was coated in the crimson blood, however if eyes were to peer closer you might find the tabard she carried was that of a Scarlet Crusader.

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We had an Arrangement, the necromancer and I.  He would teach me enough of his art to keep my mother alive, and I in turn would do whatever he asked.  It was simple and I liked it that way.

It started out well enough, at first I could go and see my mother every few weeks or so.  Then weeks turned to months, and months to years.  It had been nearly three years since I last saw my mother's face.  And if it hadn't been for the loss of Deatholme it would have been a three more I'm sure. 

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Meeting above the Cellar

The trap door swung open with a crack as repeated blows finally took their toll on the flimsy lock that had been put in place. Asilia climbed out first followed by Mirage warping back up, her jaws still bloodied with cultist blood. She looked up intime to hear several gun clicks, and a line of footmen stood on the other end of the kitchen aiming guns at her. She spotted Blythe stepping infront of them, behind him was the cook that had let her down into the cellar to begin with. She blinks abit at them before kneeling down and petting Mirage.

"Can....I help you?"

Lies and Deception: Part 1


Aaron watches the alley entrance wearily, hidden behind a large pile of boxes, readying himself as he sees Mandy walk into the alley. She looks around for May, frowning a bit when she does not see her friend. A hammer of light suddenly strikes her back and Aaron steps out, sneering at the stunned girl. He draws his sword from his cane and slashes her shoulder with the poisoned blade. She looks at him, shocked and confused, and she stumbles a bit as the stun wares off and she fumbles for her dagger.

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Writing Lies


Asilia sat at a barren cold desk with an ink quill in hand. Her hand moved slow and delicately as she composed a letter. A letter that should help her eliminate a problem that had arose, Lord Kelane was right sneaking into Stormwind would be ill advised since it was the bastion of the Lich King's enemies. A small smile crept up Asilia's face as she wrote.

Dear Jasria,

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The Fall of Light: The Last Faol, Part 2

The time grows near.  Soon, very soon, I will face my destiny.
The time grows near.  Soon, very soon, you will face your destiny.

... You will do what you must to serve me.

And I will teach you true power.


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The Fall of Light: The Last Faol, Part 1


With every passing day, less and less ties me to this world.  Every day, I find that more and more of my life is gone, that more of what I hold dear has vanished.
This life you lead has betrayed you.  Those who claim to love you have left you behind.

She is gone, and no one cares.  She was killed by those who loved her.
She is gone, and no one cares.  She was killed by those who loved her.

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Broken Seal

The candle at last flickers out, dead.

The broken horizon is strangely lit, time immesurable on this dead world.

He still feels the letter, fine paper beneath his coarse fingertips.

The words sink in, bring anger. Niall's fist clenches, but leaves paper uncrumpled.

Why ask father to turn traitor?

Why is the letter signed Kast!?

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The Ritual part 1: Love of mine



  The plan started as a disaster, something I could completely place on Blackmarrow, it was his idea after all to never tell me that the priest he had chosen to help us separate Iloam and my soul was Kharris.  Apparently they had struck a deal, something again he had never told me about, something about the truce that he wouldn’t end Iloam’s life if she agreed to spare mine. 


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