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a little backstory

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Old Beliefs


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Considering Circumstance

Lady Lyralaes Willowinds

This was how she introduced herself, how vain! The house of the Willowinds was lost, the estate destroyed, and her whole family dead or missing. Missing; a kind euphemism for an unkind fate. Those listed as missing were likely not missing at all, but wandering the ruins of west Silvermoon. The Wretched were better off dead.

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Memory Lane


There was a black cloth over his body. He didn't know how it got there. As he startled from his unconsciousness, Marcus made some involuntary noise of distress, which rang clearly in the stillness of the surrounding area, and he reached for something, anything to help him lift himself.  His heart pounded within its skeletal cage with such a force that it shook him, sending pure adrenaline through his veins. His throat seized.

No. Don't get up. Perhaps they still think you're dead.

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Honesty is the Best Policy

She was always genuinely happy to see the Ranger-Lord.

And maybe that's what worried her.

She leaned back comfortable in her hammock- her calico kitten curled contentedly on her elf's stomach as the girl stared at the words on the book's pages before her, unable to focus on the subject.

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