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A little bit of background

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At Least I'm Honest

Pretty lasses.


Silvermoon is swarmin' with 'em.


It wears a man out.


Thing is, they're all the same eventually: blonde, brunette, red-head, raven-haired...short, tall, voluptuous, petite.



Sakarii sat up in bed, wincing. The wounds from the previous day's battle were still raw and tender, a harsh reminder of her failure. Lord Kelane had shown his confidence in her by letting her lead the expedition, and things had unraveled before they had even reached the beacon that they were supposed to destroy.

She glanced over to the other side of the room, to the empty bed and sparse shelves where Jasria had stayed in her short time as Sakarii's roommate, and a sting of betrayal added itself to the lingering sting of her wounds.

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