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Winged Waltz (55-word)

Moonlight illuminated two figures in a hidden cobblestone courtyard weaving together in a dance.
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Into the Void

(( Because...well, just because! I miss the ol' girl. Though $15/month is a bit too much for me right now, especially with her RP dead, and the X-pac being so unbelievably boring at present...but, well, I couldn't help but delve into her madness for just a little while. Its like an old, comfy shoe...miss your faces! ))


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Carry on

I’ve gotten time to relax after the war and I can finally reflect on everything. The SI:7 became quite quiet now that nothing is happening. But if a dream I had does end up happening, I will be called in soon to investigate a murder.


I thought long and hard with what I want to do with my life other than combat and training, and I’ll try to write a few novels and a documentary of the war at Gilneas.


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But the Ghosts That We Knew Made Us Black and All Blue: A Letter Home

Dear Cilmion,

I hope this letter finds you well. How are Veriana and the children? I spotted what had to be little Melly with a group of her friends in the City recently, and was shocked by how much she’s grown. She will be a fine lady one day, won’t she?

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Please, Not This

The evening sun sat low in the darkening sky over Eversong Woods.

 Springpaws and Dragonhawks returned to their dens and nests as the tired Farstrider and Blood Knight patrols switched with the fresh eyes and ears of the well rested. Through the manicured woods the scar of unrest continued to be inhabited by the dead come to life, though they moved without purpose and ambition.

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Cause and Effect


The Nightingale was a seductress, a charmer with a golden tongue, and a lady of the night. But she was also going to be something else she didn't expect. This whole concept had been unfathomable to the performer in earlier times. But the crimson-tressed songstress had left most of the world she knew behind to become a student in the Arts. Most shocking of all, she was going to be a mother.

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Go To Sleep, Maggot



"Bonesy, I won hide and seek! I even used your trick! See?! I missed you a whole bunch, though while I was hiding!"


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Sleep (55 words)



Not sure when I really did sleep last. 

At least without nightmares about losing Mara. 

Now she’s awake 

Not sure if I want sleep again and miss a moment. 

Although not fully recovered   

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Break the Ice, Part 2

Some time later, deep in the bowels of a cursed Vrykul catacomb, Sin woke up; though when she blinked her eyes, it didn’t help dispel the blurriness all around. “Where…am…?” she murmured, blind, lost, and confused. As the previous day's events swirled around via fearsome, flashing, broken images in her mind’s eye, she inhaled and sighed.  

“Whelp. At least I'm still alive.”

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Family and Oathbreaking (not a 55 word)




I just stare at him

Recalled our earlier conversation among the scattered bodies in the grass of the Firewalker Ruins as they rot in the afternoon sun.

He still loved me

He wondered if his marriage was a mistake.

Did it because he knocked her up.  Because it was the right thing to do at that time.

Now she says if he isn't around her all day every day he must not love her.

Well he sure hasn't had good luck in his choice of wives.....they've all been nuts.

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The Drifter's Tale: The First Duty

(( A follow-up of sorts to Neri's Summit. Recommended with this post: this haunting music. ))

“Take me there…” she whimpers, her voice fragile, almost childlike, after her confession.

“As you wish, milady.” My reply is even, no trace of anger or betrayal.

At least, not that she will ever hear.

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Mild language warning. Some words may not be appropiate... I think. <.<U...

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To Meet In The Middle With Glory

You have been gone three months now, yet I smile as I write this. I never would have guessed it, but being domestic suits me. You have left me - despite your knowledge of my darkness - with full powers to manage all that is yours. At first I was overwhelmed, even a bit aghast. Yet, in that academic part of me which excels at and clicks along with magical theory, I knew was ready for the challenge.

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Echo has already had a little Short Circuit

“The Goddess will not bless our union.”

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[Halinor] Heroes are Born, not Made

Halinor dragged his feet back to the barracks, Aidrailos padding softly behind. The silvered wolf was troubled. Age had nurtured the puppylike bounce out of his steps, and these days his expression was usually thoughtful and world-weary. He turned his somber amber eyes now upon his master, and felt a sense of foreboding. Something was brewing in Halinor's mind. Something that may potentially put him in danger. Aidrailos let out a throaty "whuff" and nudged the boy's hand with his wet nose.

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The ones chosen by the Gods truly shine, don’t they my darling? I think that’s why the old Human painters would surround their martyrs with outlines of gold, but such artistic crudity cannot possibly match the celestial light of the truly blessed.

She was simple to follow.

She moved through the crowd with ease. They might have thought they stepped aside out of courtesy, letting the blind find Her way unhindered, but I knew better of course. For I could see what She was – both guided and guiding. She shone with her calling.

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Short Circuit

Remember when Echo was Torn

“Come closer! Come closer and see!”

The gnome’s high voice carried across Theramore’s market square, clear and ringing in the afternoon air. Shifted by the words, movements of the crowd swirled and sorted, paused before a small stand with a bright green canopy.  Echo turned, a bag of peaches hanging from her wrist, looking over her shoulder as the gnome called out again.

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Sometimes the most exquisite flowers raise their heads from a bed of weeds.

It had been a month since I’d made you safe from the machinations of your family, my darling, a lonely month, but one with the satisfaction of our triumph still fresh in my mind. Everything reminded me of you, as it should. My every thought, every breath I drew, every beat of my heart, all were for you.

But love is never selfish. It grows and spreads and thrives...

I first saw Her by the fountain in the Bazaar.

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Distracted/Making Memories


Vaedrynn was distracted.


He needed to work.


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Life of the Forsaken (part four)


The deams come again. This time they're mostly happy.

Me, GutFace, and Xeldus have been in service of the Lich King for a few years now. I had seen Val'kry before, but this one seemed diffrent. She seemed... familiar.

She looked at me and we both recognized each other. She was my wife.

"Darling?" she says. we run to each other and and we kiss. 

GutFace says"Oh well um" he clears his throat "I see that your having a ... private moment. Xeldus, come on."

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Smitten (55 words)


Raeyth, why must you be Lilthessa’s friend? 

Damn you. 

The beach was my last chance to gut her. 

Since Palomia’s kidnapping didn’t bring me her head. 

Now I’ll have to break the contract 

My heart won’t let me go against the words of my Prince of Crows 

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Last time, Echo was recovering from being Crushed.

Echo slid her finger across the map resting on her crossed legs, over the hills and valleys of its creases. The candlelight in the tent flickered, sending tides of shadow washing over coastlines, fording rivers, flooding into mountain ranges. Echo’s fingertip found Hillsbrad, then followed the river up from the sea until it came to a little notch just south of the Alterac Mountains.

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The Long Goodbye


Tryggon was never one for long goodbyes. He was never one to wait long before leaving, which was due mostly in part to him having little to no connection with those he was leaving behind.

But being left behind...Well, that was another matter.

He'd dug the grave himself, a hill with the view of the sea, just as she'd wanted. It had been a slow process. Help had been offered, but Tryggon had turned it down. This was his labor, his last labor of love, and he saw it through to the end, patting the last patch of upturned earth down on the hillside.

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 The estate was lingering between the half-waking moments of a day. He didn't want to leave. Truly, this was home perhaps more then ever.

And yet, he had his duty. He had his machinations certainly, but more then anything he had his duty. The raven haired beauty that had captured the Arbiters eye was an interesting creature. Not the sort of girl that you would bring home to Mother, but that can change with a blink of an eye.

Chameleon. Changelings. They lived in the Dawnfire Estate, didn't they.

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We were on borrowed time.

I don’t think I slept in a week, my fevered thoughts burning through my mind in frantic floods. I knew you trusted me to find a solution, my darling, and so I evaluated idea after idea in desperate haste. I would not fail you.

I would not fail us.

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You were like the first snowdrop of my spring.

The world had become cold and grey to me, dull and dirty crystals of a life suspended. Nothing in it of beauty or of joy. Until you.

Until you.

Those were heady days, weren’t they my love? Those first few weeks of our romance. Yes we had to keep the secret, but of what importance is a detail like that in the heady rush of passion?


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