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Harmless Scribblings

It's been a while since I've written in this journal. I should more, it helps me get my thoughts in order, especially when so much has happened lately.

First things first: Aeron

His demon problem has been eradicated.

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Moonlit Reflections

I felt lighter than I had in months as my bare feet paced across the floor of my Villa office. Of course Tameena had had to make a few changes to even this room. At least they were subtle. The placement of a few vases of colorful flowers, including a few that hung by the open window to catch the tropical breeze as it rolled in off the ocean, weren't overly intrusive. Plus, she only meant well. Trying to cheer up my 'brooding room' as she playfully called it - though the description tended to be apt.

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The soft wheat brushed the under palm of her scarred hand. She exhales low waiting for him to come to her. The world was cast in soft yellow light, Azshara had become golden in the mid-afternoon light and she felt her tension easing. She recalled the scene from the night before. Liliana was a harmless flighty girl that shouldn't have summoned such rage in her. It had startled all of them, Jericho most of all. She had been so calm lately.

She had been fine until Liliana spoke about 'him'.

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Aftermaths, second degree burns.


(I have edited the dates to reflect ICly, Shryn's timeline! Thanks for your patience <3 )


I stared across at Vandethir, a memory of Kagg distracting me from his words. I blink and shake my head certain I had misheard him,




“I said, I want to burn this city to the damned ground,” growled the Blood Knight suddenly and I nodded to him slowly. “Your joking right?” I say carefully, raising a brow.


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Ripples in the Great Song


They lay together, bodies clasped, the afterglow of the moment still lingering as their heartbeats echoed a descant to one another’s. The moon playfully delved through the open sheers to splay errant beams of light upon their sweat dampened flesh.


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A few words can throw a bloke off balance with the same weight of a mace or great sword. Resulting in a stumble. A trip. A staggering fall.

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Doodle - Brothers at Rest

Decided to unpack my Wacom tablet and play around with my new CS4 tonight. Tried a bunch of old things I've never been good at: drawing directly from the wacom tablet, Trolls, clean lines. Tried some things that were totally new: odd perspective, watercolor brushes.

It's not awesome but its mostly just to get myself drawing again. Thought about cleaning up the coloring, but I kind of liked the bleeding watercolor effect. Still not as pretty as using a good old real pen and watercolor set. But meh. Gotta practice with this new fangled digital stuff!

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Overdue - (Part II of III)


There are hundreds of miles of pipeline down here, but I can find her just as easily on instinct alone. My eyes dilate and burn brighter in the dark catacombs, fingers sliding along damp stone, my boots alternating between crunching gravel and rancid puddles. If I listen closely, I think I can hear the distant sound of horse hooves and shuffling feet above us - but it's only imagined. There is only the sound of rushing sewer water, the shrill squeaking of rats, the snap of bones under my feet... and the loveliest sound of all - my siren call - the echoed sobs of a little girl.

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Communication for the Dead

The morning tea had gone as usual, the women filling one another in on their own comings and goings while keeping some of the more intimate details to themselves. There’d been lots of laughter and joking as Niviene regaled the group with the events of the Hallow’s End celebration that the Darkshire Academy and the Shrouded Dawn had sponsored the night before.  

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The Three Cups

Artisania Marveloso tried to catch her breath.

She was smiling, a laughing grin pulling her cheeks to wrinkle the corners of her eyes, which couldn't have been brighter. She had been dancing, for the first time in… so many years. With one hand she reached out, steadying herself against the stone fireplace of the White Hart tavern, while the other came to rest over her chest where her heartbeat raced to the rhythm of Blackmarrow's jig.

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Five Hearts


Wand and breastplate
Sword and shield

Strong, powerful... supple, fragile; an extension of myself

Cool, aloof; only warming when pulled and held close

Sharp, cold; her weaknesses only revealed in her passion’s flame

Unyielding, steadfast, true; desiring firm and loving hands

Wand and breastplate
Sword and shield

Harm one; meet your end from the rest

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He Wears His Soul on His Sleeve (Part 2)


((Explicit Warning: Nudity and implied sex))


I’m nervous. I can feel my heart fluttering in my chest as she watches me. That doesn’t bother me as much as you’d think it would – I’m used to that. The shabby wool of the blanket below my bare skin is far more irritating as I fight to regain my breathing, coming in post-coital gasps. More than anything, I want a cigarette. Some kind of distraction. My mind is on the soul shard clutched in my sweaty palm.

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