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Traveling the mind

I’m going to the Crane Temple today finally. But one of my trainers named Korlaf at the White Tiger Temple wants to do a quick spar with me to see where I am at now. I really don't understand why she needs to fight me before the visit with Chiji. But what I know is that she’s a bit of a hothead like Taran Zhu from what Ven tells me. I have to fight Korlaf with the bamboo staff I’ve gotten last week from beating a monk in a spar.

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Chapel Visit

Song yawned and turned a few circles in the chapel garden, settling down for a nap. The fox flipped her fluffy tail over her face while Aerie entered the small building.

It was much like any other small town chapel scattered throughout the Shires; one large room, and a door in back hinting at the chaplain’s office and quarters. Tall windows lined the walls, letting in as much natural light as possible. Rows of pews in two columns lead up to the low stage, where the priest could lecture and answer questions from the congregation.

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Suffer Well

A tidal wave of emerald and scarlet looms over me, gaining height with every second.

As ugly as death might seem, there is a certain morbid curiosity that steals over me - this looming presence might strike with the open hand of nature's wrath...yet the hand guiding that wrath is far larger.

It is the will of a god.

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One womans hope is another womans despair.

The bells of the monastery tinkle and chime as the soft fragrant orange scented wind carries to her. Malisson sits cross legged, palms curved up in concentration.

“I am like a butterfly… expanding my wings. Slow. Slow. Unfurling the gentle appendage open---…”

“Hey floppy ear!”

 Malisson peeks across at the Pandaren who waddles over towards her. “I’m doing that… focus thing,” she observes, giving a gentle and warm smile. She basically channeled Aelberyn.

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Serene Tranquility

One usually does start at the beginning when one begins a tale. But the universe's story has been writing itself before I was a single filament of thought. Perhaps my own beginning then would be more of a better way to begin. Unless of course one wished to learn how my people see the world before the armies of the Horde and Alliance came to my ancestral lands, and with them the resurgence of the Sha?

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Liathan Swiftstorm, Brief Reflections

((Decided to start her own blog to try and explore the character more before Mists comes out.))

She sat lotus style upon the ground, the woods whistling lightly as the cool night breeze rushed through. Her keg resting nearby as the Night Elf  looked out on ahead contemplating coolly from her position back straight ears twitching lightly against the breeze. 

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Waterfall's Prose

She stands in the waterfall, chanting in Pandaren for what seems like days on end

She could not shake the feeling, the thought of taking so many lives

Her mentor’s master to the realm did they send

Her face and hair painted with many dyes


This was a time of absolution

Her repentance of death a new solution

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Light and Dark


Musings and Meditations

           He could feel it.

He could feel its warming presence flowing through his body. He could feel the soothing ways of the light as they washed through his body in powerful yet gentle waves. The Paladin would have preferred to pray in a chapel, but the nearest one was in Tarren Mill and he'd have had to fight through scores of Forsaken and Horde sell-swords who had made a living for years preying on the peaceful farmers of Hillsbrad.


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The Small Sparks


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The air rushed through Saej’s hair as the red-scaled dragonhawk with curtained wings like flames took him towards the Ghostlands. Below a rotten ghoul infested black wash divided the spring beauty of the Eversong Forest. Saej couldn’t help but notice the symbolism of the path he now traveled over.

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Identity Crisis

Gil shook violently.

Pull yourself together damn it...

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New Directions

((This song was stuck in my head as I wrote this.))

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Song of Comfort

Rocked by the night wind
Lulled by the water
Cradled by the earth
Is nature's daughter

Stars in the water
And stars in the sky
Sparks from the fire
Sing a lullaby

Soft is the night wind
And the water stills
Earth still enfolds her
Safe from the day's ills

Stars in the heavens
And stars in the deep
Embers drowse, weary
And now, so does she

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50 words : A, B, C...


Trees whispering as waves of salty breezes rustle through their golden canopies across Eversong Woods...So many voices, somewhat irregular, yet singing in harmony.  Relaxing.  Soothing.  Tranquil.  Many hours lost breathing deeply in meditation.

“Ari’ella...”  The trees are not the only ones whispering.

“Mum...?”  My heart leaps to hope.

“You may not always have a healing potion on hand so remember your ABC’s.”  Words of wisdom instructed to me, her apprentice.

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Hidden Answer


Northrend truly was an amazing place.

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To be Srith


Ta'Srith sat silent, in her preferred place of meditation in eastern Ashenvale, drooping blooms surrounding her, and considered the change in her circumstances. To an intruding eye, the seated Kal'Dorei was a study in perfect, unsullied repose. Her legs were folded in the lotus' harmony, and her hands had naturally drifted to the mudra of inner peace. Body arranged to best move through the slow stately dance of time, the woman in the small grove of ancient pillars smiled very faintly.

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The cold is cathartic.

"Good." Voltas said, overlooking the bustling laboratory. Glass spheres were twisted open, Motes and Primal concentrations of the elements all drifting about as the apprentices and technicians tended to the World-Seed. Every day they would push themselves from sunrise to sunset, moving through the tall-standing portal and feeding the growing world with new elements, tending to it like a vast garden.

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~ Uncanny Visitor ~

Blessed with another day, he thought, as he pushed aside the heavy green drapes.

Sunlight surged into the round room as the cloth parted. The colorful stained glass of blues, golds and greens danced in every corner of the bedroom, but soon the windows were parted to fill the cozy home with sounds of nature and the smell of fresh air.

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The recent past...
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The Descent, Part 8: Learning to Be Still...


((Just a quick apology. I've let this thread sit for a long time, because it's older material and I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it. However, to rebel from Mr. Lucas, I'm going to leave this one as it originally was. I don't have anything to add, and though it's a little Kung Fu theater-ish, I still like it. For my father, the real life Sun Lü who taught me how to be still. Thanks dad, I love you.))


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Pages in the Sand: Page 6

Doric encased yet another page in transparent plastiskin. Scratching his chin and readjusting his bifocals, he began to read the next one …
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(( Originally posted January 13, 2007 @ RealmPortal ))

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