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Warlock Musings

Taliss sat in the woods just outside Stormwinds walls, the serene chirp of crickets echoing throughout Elwynn Forest. Her mind considering what her next move would be now as she stared at the squat demon infront of her. The hound returned her gaze with one of its own, its presence an empty insatiable hunger.

“Why did I have to try and get into a debate with her, I can't change that rhetoric at all with talk,” She mused lightly reflecting on her talk with Commander Forrester of the Dragoons. Causing Taliss to shake her  head.

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Beyond the Pale

Someone broke two of my windows today.

Yes yes, it’s only a rental property, and to be sure I’d never keep any of my treasures in such a place, but it’s annoying nethertheless. I suppose it could have been some sort of strange accident, or children playing a boisterous variety of ball game, but I suspect not. I think it’s pure and simple racism.

Only to be expected, really.



Shattrah City was one of the Holiest of Holies, and a grim reminder for the costs of war. Walking in quiet solitude upon the Aldor's upper tiers, the immense Draenei male thunders from afar with his hooves striking the deck. The male strides with a teeming confidence, nearly set on the precipice of arrogance, but held in check by reverence of those around him. They were his people, the reason he fights, the reason he bleeds. White eyes slowly peer to the Aldor acolytes kneeling in supplication to the midday prayer bells. A soft, subtle smile creeps upon his face, rare for one so serious as he.

Little Draenei orphans frolic to and fro around the grass of the upper tiers, their laughter mixing in with the local birds that chirp and sing. Some run over to the black Draenei, squealing in delight.

"Vikentiy! Vikentiy! Come play with us! Pick us up! Won't you play with us today Vikentiy?"

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I am not draped in the vestiges of the Light, just a woman draped in the day to day activities. My weapon is not a sword and shield, just a bag of mail waiting to be delivered to your doorstep. I do not claim to know the deeper philosophy of the Light, but I know I am a good woman based on my friend's discipline and good heart.

I can't talk you off that ledge if you want to jump, hell I've been there to many times to count. I can tell you that there is more to life, even if I don't know exactly what that answer is. I still don't know that answer, but I'd feel awfully bad being the last person you'd see before you ended your life. My wrists are scarred from the many times I've taken a bottle to them, so you'd only see me with long sleeves on.

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Confessor's Burden

Confused by sins of the past,

Overwhelmed by the weight of the present,

Daunted by the press of an uncertain future.

I turn these pages, seeking, absorbing, clarifying.

Knowledge sought, despite apprehension…

With you somewhere out there, I’m slightly less afraid.

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Cathartic moments

When the purple horizon reaches up to meet the descending fingers of roiling lavender clouds lit by the rose paintbrush of the setting sun.

When the white gulls wheel above the heaving gray swells of the sea, their screaming cries like the wails of poor ghosts forever searching for what they've lost.

When the bronzing trees sing with small birds who lift up and away to form hypnotic patterns cascading and twisting through cool air just hinting at the oncoming frosts of winter.

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Adventures in Musing

There are times I wonder how this world managed to survive before I put down my fishing pole and picked up a weapon.  Honestly, these people seem incapable of managing to accomplish the smallest thing.  It is neither hard nor dangerous to go from Maestra's Post to Astranaar, and if my child were sick, I would not hesitate to do so.  But no, I must do it for you, out of the goodness of my heart.  I wonder sometimes if my goal is a worthy one, if we truely deserve our immortality back.  We seem so weak and corrupted, unable to see where we have gone wrong or how to co

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    The ebony stared back at me as it always had, even in the shadowed confines of my bed room I am well aware of my appearance, my skin although tinted blue in the night time shades still had the stark black lines, the mass of scars, and those same black eyes, I couldn't even recall what shade of green they had once been.


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I remembered why it was I went to Tanaris in the first place, I remember now why I had felt the need to escape, to lose myself in something that someday will ultimately doom me to either death or complete madness.

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