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Mysterious letters

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Panic II.


Bolting through the ruins of Undercity, the dark blonde mage screamed at the drunken people to move, and move fast, her hands pushing the foul, alcohol soaked and decaying flesh aside, feeling bones here and there as she vaugely heard them shout in insults, the voices being drowned out by the sound of her heavy breathing and her screamed words

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Curiouser & Curiouser

"You've -got- to be kidding me?!" Fox waved the piece of paper at the Blood Knight before her, glaring daggers at him. He gave a slight shrug, "Have a good day, Miss."

"Paladins! UGH!" She thrashed, flailing her arms in frustration. This had to happen after breakfast?!


She had received a citation. For not clearing her mail from the local mailbox, the city was issuing her a citation and a fine. What utter bullshit!




Digging Deeper


So I moseyed along to the City Deeds Office to check out the records on this Fancy Cakes joint.  Like the gossip said, the place has been open just over a year and the two chicks run it.  The troll's just written down as "Xiuhteena of Tirisfal", but little Madam there is listed as "Braedyn Sunsmote".  Guess she thought "Braedyn" was common enough she could keep it, huh?  "Sunsmote", though?  Could she pick anything that sounded MORE like a fake name?  Not much effort when into that. Careless.

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Artisania Marveloso didn't have a chance to utter a sound.

The little creature, still so soft and new to the world, fell in a heap at her feet, purple fingers outstretched. Its body, already somewhat strangely-formed, had been crushed into a pliant mass, the glowing protrubrances across shoulders and back fading little by little into a dark mass of mashed fungus.

Artisania looked down sadly at the young sporeling, then slowly raised her eyes.

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