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Uncovering the truth about the grimoire

The Netherstorm ''shell'' incident was between the two twins, Gredle and Zulrohk and this insane scientist named Cornelius. I was tricked and I helped Gredle lure Zulrohk there to get this Cornelius to drain her powers. Though I rescued Zulrohk before it was too late, and she is doing better. And now my justice calls to go after the scientist.

A few days after the shell incident, I found Gredle in Darnassus, so I stopped to talk to her.

"We need to talk," I said, narrowing my eyes at her.

"What do you want to talk about?" What do you think I want to talk about?

"You tricked me! I thought it was for Zukrohk's own good, not for your masters' need for power!"

"It was for her own good. She could of killed more people."

"And if I tell the authorites of what you did....?"  If it wasn't for her calm behavior I might of struck her.

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On the Edge

Asarel had been shot.

It wasn't fatal, of course. The arrow had hit him just below the hip while they had been standing just off the Fancy Cakes' stoop, and Miss Luisa, Doctor Luisa?, had fixed him up. Castien had no doubt that it was Tel'arar's girl that had done it. They had the arrow shaft, they could prove the fletching matched.  What would be the point, though?

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