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Soul Shatter

Amamara wrote within her journal within the Spire. Her eyes filling with tears as she began to write:

"The man I married is no longer who he was. He will become a demon. Has he chosen the fel over me?

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Tell Me How to Feel

Here I am, sitting comfortably before a roaring hearth. Andor lies curled up across from me, enjoying the emenating warmth. The house is quiet... peaceful.


I, however, am not at peace.

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Dead Men Can Still Answer Questions

Janiil stepped into the clearing, her vision was steadily getting better, everything was still somewhat blurry but she could easily identify things she was looking at. Jan paused briefly as the voice suddenly drifted up within her mind once again.

"You realize they are weaknesses?"

It was odd how it could pester her to no end sometimes, and then disappear for long periods of time. Janiil paid no attention to it for a moment as she surveyed the clearing, no one had bothered to move the undead corpses, but only scattered bones remained of most.

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Answer the Questions, and Live


The blood elf let out a pitiful squeel as Janiil slammed him into a wall. She had already knocked the elf around the thoroughly thrashed room in attempts to get information out of him. The intimidation hadn't worked so now she had overpowered the worm and was holding him off the ground, his back against the wall as he tried not to shake.

"Don't play stupid you degenerate descendent!  You wouldn't just trip over undead corpses during a random stroll!" Jan's voice was cold and brimming with anger.

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I'm Okay, But Not the Same

Curious how it always rains more in other parts of the world than in Silvermoon. Maybe the magicks they use to clean the city keeps that away, too. Earlier I'd relaxed in one of the hammocks in Raventusk Village, listening to the rain pour down. The trolls, they're simply not affected by such things. Rather nice to see life going on despite things happening in the world. Though, the rhythmic drumming put me to sleep.

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A Visit to the Raven Hill Tavern


The thirtieth day of the eleventh month of the year 28

All eyes turned to the woman sauntering to the bar, some lingering longer than others. Her lips curled into a smirk beneath her mask as she recognized the women at the bar; Abbygail Walker and Erendis Ravenclaw. This was most certainly the right place.

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Broken: Returning Home


Agoris walked back into Stormwind clean and dressed back in the green and gold of Kul Tiras. Agoris took a deep breath as he walked through the trade District. It was almost like he was seeing it all for the first time. His feet idly took him to the Park. It was good to see it again. Of course, Agoris just had to walk right into a argument, however, he didn’t really care at the moment. Altimira, Kerwinna, and Zeleo where evidently arguing the virture of Kerwinna and if she told the truth.  Agoris didn’t really pay it much mind but listened enough to get the gist of the topic. After they group broke up he made some idle comments to Zeleo and got more information about exactly what was going on. Agoris then decided to go for a ride. Wasn’t long before he ran into Kerwinna. They talked about the obvious argument that took place at the well. Agoris did trust Kerwinna. Enough to let her use his house in Ironforge. Agoris

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A Letter to Agoris

(( Written on a small sheet of Engineer's Paper. ))


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56. Questioning


"I'm surprised you walked out of that room with the boy still alive."

I looked up at the sound of my goddess' voice in my head.

"Frankly, so am I."

When I'd hustled Galin out of the inn, across the square, and into the basement of the town hall, I'd fully expected to kill him. Alexiia obviously had too, since she'd tossed me the key to the interrogation room and muttered something about understanding what would happen.

"So why were you so nice?"

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