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Alliance and Locations for Random RP

A few days ago on the realm forum I put up a topic asking where people go Alliance side to try and find random walk up RP. Alternatively, ideas for a good centralized location for folks to find one another for random RP. It's really something we should have done when Deathwing wrecked the Park. :\ But with everyone mostly "based" in Stormwind during Cata, it didn't seem as necessary, I guess.

Comment here, sure, but also maybe hop on an Alliance character and comment on the realm forums too--if nothing else, it'll bump the topic and show other Shadow Council RPers--and any folks looking for a RP server--that we do have RPers here looking to connect. :)

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Ode of the Silvermoon Pole

One night, there were a lot of people around the pole outside the Silvermoon Inn. So I thought it would be high-time for the pole to say something. So, fair people of Haven, enjoy the: "Ode of the Silvermoon Pole."  Also, not sure if this would be IC or OOC, so marking it OOC. Enjoy!

I don’t know my parents

Or even my own name.

But here I stand through thick and thin

Through all kinds of weather


Many have been in my presence,

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I'm Lost

"I'm lost."

"Who do you trust?"

"I'm not sure, I never really trusted anybody."


"You weren't raised around the most trustworthy people to begins with. A demon and a emotionally charged Magister."

"Any suggestions?"


"Ythgar hates me, why would I go to him?"

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A new Project or (Another WEEK without a day off!)


Meladenya sighed and put the piece of paper down on her desk.  She hated letters, offical ones the most, and this current request from Stormwind was no exception.

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Hmm.  Well an untimely computer crash deleted this wonderful, little post I had going.  So I'm going to sum it up here:

  • I am back and am doing fine.
  • How are you doing?
  • Thinking about a new character, probably will end up being Horde.
  • What does everyone think about the current player-base on their faction.
  • I am not tied down to a character idea yet.  Any ideas for a character would probably be appreciated.  Even a support character.
  • Really, how are you?
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Fireside Tales: The Sunflower

Once, long ago, in the first waking of the world, the Great Basin of the Earthmother was alive with all Her creations. In the place of the blooms, the flowers took root and flourished. This is a story of them.

In the great Field of Life, there was a patch of small flowers. They grew short and close to the ground. Their faces were of puriest lavender but the waking eye of the Earthmother was too bright for them. They stayed close to the ground and turned away from bright An'She but their scent was still sweet and drew to them all the little insects and they flourished.

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"Oh crap, Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap."

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