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Closer to the Edge

                "I hate everything about you

                                Why do I love you?"


She didn't sleep.  She never slept.

Come on.  If you were dead, did you really need to sleep?  You'd already attained the "eternal sleep" and slapped it in the face.

The crickets were not her only nighttime companions. She did a lot of talking to herself, too.

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Murder Row-Part Five


        Three Years ago...  

        There were only so many drops before you hit rock bottom. Only so many pitfalls before you sprained something or hit your head too hard. Maybe you'd get up, but the body and the psyche would be forever scarred. You were never the same person as you limped away from the scene of the accident, acting as a stark, unpleasant reminder of the ugly side of life to the people who went their whole lives without experiencing it.

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Day Terrors


The sun beat down warmly on the rough surface of the massive rock in the middle of Booty Bay harbour. One could almost ignore the filthy little shantytown if one looked toward the horizon.

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