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((NSFW Below Cut))

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A Brother's Call


((So, Jormund sent me a writing prompt on tumblr ("How did you get in here?") and somehow it tangled up with the plot ideas percolating in my brain the last few weeks.))

The door to her apartment was ajar. Nore frowned and touched the blue button on her bracer, summoning her heavy armor. Wes wasn't in the city so it couldn't be him. As she stalked closer to the door it opened, revealing a semi-familiar face. They stood and blinked at each other for a moment.

“Jeck? How did you get in here?” She demanded.

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Uldum Nights

Jericho and I recently purchased a commission for Aelberyn's player for her birthday. The commission was done by Ribkadory ( and we cannot recommend her enough! She's AMAZING!


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The horizon was beautiful. It was that perfect light that is summoned at a twilight hour, where the world suddenly infuses with rich hues of red and yellow. The sweltering heat was oppressive for the hired workers and it showed in each droplet of sweat that stained their dirty brows.

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Extreme Training

I had finished my focus training my body was completly covered in sweat, I was about to leave for a bed when my master walked towards me I nodded to him. "Well Zulrohk...After that encounter with your sister and some advice from someone I think im going to have to up your training, so ive put together a test that im hoping will make you stronger." He smiled and gestured for me to follow I didnt object but was worried about this "Test" he spoke of. He led me to the mages tower in Stormwind where he pointed at one of the mages that nodded and walked towards us "This fellow here is willing to help by teleporting you to where your test will begin... are you ready?" I frowned under my full helm but nodded. "Good... alright *he gestures to the mage* Goodluck." He said smiling, Why do I get that this is going to be painful I thought.

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He leaves presents in his wake.

Dust shaved from temple stone, mountain roots, and bone,

Sandy, coarse reminders in my pockets and between sun-burned toes-

That I might take him with me.


His kisses parch my lips,

They crack now when I smile,

But it is safe to love him

If only for a while.

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History in the Making: Hardships Untold


"The one thing I want to leave my children is an honorable name."     ~Theodore Roosevelt

The autumn sun was setting slowly over the lazily rippling sea as Thuaynel Dawnstrider’s personal yacht drifted up to the Sunsail Anchorage.  Warden stood beside him, fur bristled and beady eyes attentive to the surroundings.  He looked like Thuaynel felt but would not show; on edge and fearful.  But he must be strong, lest those who had been brave and loyal enough to accompany him to the docks in defiance of Viridel and their own patron's ex-wife.

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Take the Fruit.


The sand rose and fell in soft rivulets, circling the dunes that lay east of the temple. The heat was significant, though she could not feel it. The dark elf lowered herself to study the markings along the wall. Living memory etched into stone with careful detail. The people of Ramkahen preserved. Not unlike him. Her constant shadow. Her comrade with his pervasive brand of justice and hidden fears.

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Ramkahen Burns


Sinobel hummed to herself absently, looking at her reflection in the waters which kissed the port town of Mar'at. 'My hair's grown long, and I hadn't even noticed' she mused as she ran her fingers through the strawberry locks, the dark blonde tinted as it was with henna.  She stared at herself, at her hair.  The reddish tones marked her connection to those myseterious desert folk who had changed her life so very much over these last few weeks.  She didn't look like the same person she used to be, and gods knew she didn't feel like it. 

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Building a Mystery, part 1

It all started with that intoxicatingly pleasant oil from the Mar'at bazaar.


She should have suspected it was a gateway to the unknown and thus TROUBLE, when she asked the merchant about the ingredients.

"A base of equal parts olive and almond oils, with...primarily the essences of bergamot and vetiver."

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Sands of Time


The sun burned at my eyes relentlessly. I suppressed an overwhelming desire to yawn; I'd been up for longer than I liked. Still, Elune gave me Her strength and courage, and my discipline would not be wanting.

I had been Sentinel-Priestess for the Nightblades. For their inheritors, the Nightsabres, I was a Sentinel Captain; my life to be spent safeguarding my Commander.

It always had been reserved for that purpose, since I'd become her friend so many millenia ago. Broken-winged Aktarin Shadowsong..

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