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Unfinished Business

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((Oct. 19 I think was my last one...whoopdedoo. Anyway, before I may offer you tissues and donuts, this is not a character death. Because in WoW, apparently, dying is stupid. ;)

My first choice for the title was "You can't hide from Hades", but it's all the same to me.

Anyway, *offers tissues and donuts*. Hope you all enjoy reading it!))


You can't hide from Hades. You can try. By the Gods can you try...But in the end, how long can you keep it up?

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Just a piece.


It shouldn’t have surprised me. I could still feel Kharris’s eyes. The usually playful sparkling hue was flat and serious. Angry even. Hell, I even knew why.

Because I had used Iloam.

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Dalaran, a magical city, filled with countless wonders, every task, exotic or mundane, done with flair.  The magical brooms that swept the streets clean, the enchanted shop signs, the lampposts kept alight with fire from wands.  Tiradell walked down the cobblestones, passing the brightly-lit shops, face flat and expressionless.  He stopped in front of a circular tower, the signs on the door and on the nearby overhang proclaimed this to be the offices of Atlas Treasure Salvage, Dalaran branch.

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The End



The spirit realm was quiet. Quiet, save for the low burbling of the river Madeleine could see just down the path and the strange, echoing whispers that didn’t seem to come from any direction in particular. A tall, winged woman floated nearby; just out of reach. Watching the ways, it seemed.


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Letters to Ythrl: Squirrel Surveillance

Dear Ythrl,

We did it! Only you’re not here. I don’t know what happened to you. You never said anything about not being with me. I was so scared when I called out to you and you didn’t answer. But that’s okay Ythrl! I promise I wont let you down.
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Hidden Salami

“I hide the salami in my shoes! Here look, it keeps it warm!”


Iridal squeaked excitedly and bent down to unbutton the poorly sewn pocket on the side of her boot. After rummaging around for a few moments she popped back up with her prize: a rather large slice of greasy salami, “See! The perfect temperature!”
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