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A Light in the Dark-Part 2

((First part: ))

I've had around 10 sessions with Aurora to increase my tendency to the light. I didn't remember walking into her lab for tonight's session. Before we began, she gave me tea and told me that we won't start it until I finish it. Despite the pain that I will feel, I was really interested to see how far I will get today.

My stress and anxiety right now was no where near as bad as it was when I started getting these sessions-I was a lot more calm; But I still had to be shackled. Aurora put the highest holy power setting on her wand, which was on a scale of 1 to 10- and put it onto my forehead.

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A light in the Dark-Part 1


I am not too sure how this whole idea came up, it might of been when some elves were staring at me like I was a monster or a murderer because of the killings going on. The killings were supposedly from the shadowcult and the murders were mainly forsaken. Or I decided to go along with it because I just wanted to be holy again; my family -has- priests. Even though I am dead, my tendancy for the light is some what high. I also wanted to stop the lightslayers from harming any more people, and in order to be prepared, I will have to increase my tendancy.

 We met up at a bar a few minutes before we left to the spire for my session. My anxiety at the bar was unbearable, I could barely stand up. Everyone at the bar was curious to know why I was so nervous. Drinking the 2 or 3 bottles of alcohol didn't help me.

"It's her first confession in the Church." She said, but it was a lie, and I had to go along with it.


Musings and Meditations

           He could feel it.

He could feel its warming presence flowing through his body. He could feel the soothing ways of the light as they washed through his body in powerful yet gentle waves. The Paladin would have preferred to pray in a chapel, but the nearest one was in Tarren Mill and he'd have had to fight through scores of Forsaken and Horde sell-swords who had made a living for years preying on the peaceful farmers of Hillsbrad.


Fear of Starting Over


He makes me feel like a child
He makes me happy when he smiles
He makes me sad 
Makes me mad
Want to give him all I have
And I have tried to treat him good
Show support like I should
Did my part, he's my heart
And I've been faithful from the start 

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"It's very painful, I know personally."

"The restraints are for your own protection."

"It appears we got it all."

Aelberyn's voice resonated ethereally in my mind as light-headed and dizzy I quickly darted from the room.

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The line of Stormcren: Prelude


 I’m pretty sure my jaw was broken, teeth felt loose on one side of my mouth and all I have been tasting is copper. I hate when I do something stupid…. Especially since every time I found myself bleeding.. It was usually for someone else. This was no exception. How long have I been here?

The little rogue knew I would follow her, she grinned when she had let the bait slip from her tongue… just one word… one bloody word…

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To each their choices pt 1: Dreamscape


The dream had been of a wasteland, all shining rock under a sky with no sun. Outside in the real world, my body laid somewhere cold, with a path of bodies spanning lengths behind me. All corpses with twisted faces, drawn tight with terror and the inevitable pain that came with my talent of magic. But I was not where my body was, I was here, in the shinning desert, just me, these rocks… and his voice.


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And in his hand a burning hart he bare..


Inconstant man, that loved all he saw,
And lusted after all that he did love;
Ne would his looser life be tide to law,
But joyd weak wemens hearts to tempt and prove,
If from their loyall loves he might them move;
Which lewdnesse fild him with reprochfull paine
Of that fowle evill, which all men reprove,
That rots the marrow and consumes the braine:
Such one was Lecherie, the third of all this traine.
-Spencer, The Faerie Queene



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Marriage and Weakness


Casting her gaze on Taneel, Janiil let out a sigh. She didn't think she'd ever understand his ever bright optimism. He had enough so that not only did he think she would pull through this or a way would be found, but enough that he had the time to propose to her. It was very flattering, and under other cirumstances Janiil probably would of accepted. If it wasn't for that dratted sword taking its toll upon her, draining almost all her strength and feeling.

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Rising anger, pang of sorrow


Janiil's eyes slid open, blinking as the darkened room came into focus. The elf tried to rise almost imediatly only to be a sharp stab of pain shoot through her right arm. Causing Jan to yelp before abruptly falling back onto the bed. Her mind felt hazy as if she had to swim through an ocean just to have a thought.

"W-where a-am I?" Janiil gasped out as she tried to breathe. It felt like an invisible anvil was resting on her chest. Jan drew in a long raspy breathe trying to collect her thoughts.

Taneel's Home, she thought, thats where I am

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Dead Men Can Still Answer Questions

Janiil stepped into the clearing, her vision was steadily getting better, everything was still somewhat blurry but she could easily identify things she was looking at. Jan paused briefly as the voice suddenly drifted up within her mind once again.

"You realize they are weaknesses?"

It was odd how it could pester her to no end sometimes, and then disappear for long periods of time. Janiil paid no attention to it for a moment as she surveyed the clearing, no one had bothered to move the undead corpses, but only scattered bones remained of most.

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The Fall of Light: Dark Lure


"Everything they have told me has been lies?  The love I felt was but a hallow shell of the emotion?"

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Journal Page Seventeen: Of Heroes and Healing

Last night I met a paladin who said he had once been considered a great hero, but was now forgotten by everyone. He helped to free a trapped spirit, and decided that he could become a hero once again. I think he’ll be able to do it, too. He seems to have the required motivation, and the inability to refuse to help, even when considering himself an ex-hero.

Personally, I find “hero” to be an odd concept. For example, I’m not one, but I have been called one by people I’ve helped. Maybe to them, I am. I wonder how many of my heroes would consider themselves one?

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As We Wait

I told Thrall’tukk once, that if I had my way, I would stay at home, be a tailor, and never fight again.  He didn’t believe me, and I’m starting to believe he was right.  I am certainly at home more now that I have been in recent days, but I find there are times when I just have to, move.

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I woke up crying late at night
When I was very young
I had dreamed my father
Had passed away and gone.

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Where madness takes us

((warning, violence and language))



She knew he was mad, whether by design or driven there by addiction she could never say, but it mattered not, madness was madness.



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Because I'm Weak

I’m so weak. >THUB<

I’ve been beaten, burned, killed... >CRACK<

I never hesitated, never quit... >WHUMP<

One attractive face. One gentle touch. RAWRRRR!

And I betray everything. Nnnnng!

I’m not a servant of the Light. >SCHLUP<

I’m a tramp. RAWRGRBABBLE!

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Artisania Marveloso had broken a nail.

She felt the pressure and the twinge of pain through her thick glove at the moment the dark tauren fell before her, fur singed and still smoking. Her nose wrinkled against the distasteful fumes, she stepped back. Her right hand held her left as if it had undergone a painful injury, far more than a broken nail. But to Artisania, such a thing was unbearable.

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(( Originally posted January 13, 2007 @ RealmPortal ))

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(( Originally posted November 22, 2006 @ RealmPortal ))

She's gotten through part of the main field, weeds that seem like crops themselves and she's starting to think it might be a lost cause after all. When she starts wondering whether a fire would stay contained to the field, or spread through the Highlands, she decides it's time for a break. Leaning up against one of the fence posts, she looks at the small clear area in amongst the weeds, sighs at the insignificance of it.


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