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Where Does It Come From?-The New Beginning

The Half-Elf grinned as he sat down, getting himself into a meditative position overlooking the sea. He always felt at home when he landed on one of the rocky outcroppings in the barrens, the warm rock, the breeze...the smell of the sea...he loved it all. It helped him think to be out in the wilds. Tonight was no exception. Only a few moments into the meditation and his mind was already at work....

Where does it come from?

This need I have to start things anew, over and over, until I finally get it right...

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It would seem life is truly a cycle...


He stood silently atop the frozen peak. The large mountain barely leaving much room to stand. The large bronze dragon perched, claws dug into the rock just below him. His eyes were forlorn as always...that blue glow distant and somewhat dim. The wind whistled and whipped about his platinum colored hair. His heavy plate armor anchoring him in the snow...the chill of the wind crept up his spine. He closed his eyes and began to go a time when things were more simple.


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The Pendant



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Chance meeting

A soft smile splayed across her features as she watched the children running across the pathways near the Temple. Her gaze scans the peacefulness of Darnassus and the knowledge that she has contributed to the current mood of this place brings her more joy than the triumphs that garnered this respite.

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Hana Aluna

Shortly after the Third great war.

Agoris looked deep into his lover’s eyes. He could not believe he had watched the vision of beauty before him grow into such a lovely young woman. Agoris was much too old for her but he didn’t care and neither did she. Now they were married in secret as her life had to remain. Agoris had butterflies in his stomach every time he looked into her eyes. He could see their future, their family, their love.

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A birth and a Death.

Agoris held the small child in his arms. He looked into those eyes and saw himself and his wife Eldrith there. He could hardly believe that he was a father again. His son, Agoris Lothar Rothan Jr. Eldrith liked that name so she chose it for their son as well. He looked up and smiled at Eldrith as he held their son.

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(01)-Enter Mr. Whiskers

Time used to move softly when I was at home.

It went on without me, and left me alone.

Now it's sits at my shoulder and claws at my hand

And I feel like I need you again.

My dearest Sara,

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