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Debates of life.


Slydel’s Diary and notes.

There are many questions that I have from the last few days; maybe I am just misunderstanding everything that is going on around me.  Well most things again.

The other night I had talked to Xavior and I couldn’t help but feel that he is very sad deep down inside, and I had been asked by a friend to try to help him with things.  Though I do not think Tailn expected things like this to happen.  Where to start really?


((Inspiration for the post came from this Johnny Cash song))


                        Cynric paced anxiously. Isolde was asleep in the other room, turning over silently in her sleep now and again. He could feel the sweat dripping down his palms as he leant his forehead against the doorframe and gripped the sides of the oaken paneling. His heartbeat was slow and painful.

A Failure.

Thats what he was.

Musings and Meditations

           He could feel it.

He could feel its warming presence flowing through his body. He could feel the soothing ways of the light as they washed through his body in powerful yet gentle waves. The Paladin would have preferred to pray in a chapel, but the nearest one was in Tarren Mill and he'd have had to fight through scores of Forsaken and Horde sell-swords who had made a living for years preying on the peaceful farmers of Hillsbrad.


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