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Just a little note

(Hello everyone,

First of all, some of you may remember me, some of you may not, I am the player behind Dellisa/Dellissa. I have decided to come back to shadow council from time to time, playing a mage named Biarzenne. Where have I been? well I have been playing on another server for a considerable period of time and I haven't roleplayed for a while, so yeah... I'm back to catch up with you all and hopefully roleplay again but as Biarzenne!)

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Be Prepared

"Alright! Take five!"

The voice boomed over the field of workers raising tents. The location for the food had been established, after much diliberation, and those Recruits and Rangers that had volunteered to get everything prepared for the Archery Competition were out of breath in the afternoon sun that glared from the golden crowns of the Sunstrider towers. The location was nestled nicely between the different buildings of the Academy, allowing all new comers and visitors easy access to everything, including a good view of the contest.

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Dellissa's new look


Just thought i'd post a full scale picture of the newest avatar I've just done for Dell- and done by mouse (my wrist is making me pay for it- please don't try this at home, kiddies >_> ) ... I think it has alot of room for improvements but enjoy!




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(Bare with me, I had to get this out, the scene was too poignant. Hopefully the switch between past and present is easy to understand and with big peices of writing like this I tend to never do them if I procrastinate.)

You think you're safe....NOT!

((Have to Log in to view the photos. Enjoy))

 Within the morning papers, inserts were slipped in every newspaper. Dalaran, Ratchet, Gadgetzan, Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Shattrah City, Silvermoon, Undercity, and strongholds such as Light's Hope all received these cryptic messages.

The name of the insert was The Whispering Lips, with a large section especially devoted to pictures and captions.

Good morning proud citizens of the Horde! We trust you've made the right decisions when you got the preview to our brand new publication! That scene was just delightfully wicked, with discreet eyes on the street reporting the local pastry shop in Silvermoon almost emptying OUT of patrons when certain celebrities showed up!

Our analyst Ima B. Tr'lling secretly got some comments from the scent after purchasing a cupcake. Here's what his recorder picked up:

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Just deserves.


(This is part of that new project of Friendship musings, I wanted to do. More will be coming =)


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A troubling fortune

I had been fidgety and nervous all evening about Iloam's party. I had not attended a major social event in years. I fretted over a costume and went through idea after idea.

I began to think that I should maybe not attend and then Synn looked at me. She smiled at me and my reslove instantly melted. Once again acknowledging I could deny her nothing. The increasingly familiar mixture of love and fear filled me. My emotions vied for control, as they had been since I met Synn.

A bit later we arrived at Iloam's party and my spirits lifted. There were not many that I knew there but they were kind to me. I had finally begun to relax when Synn grabbed my hand excitedly. "Let's go get our fortunes read!"

I smiled at her excitement and replied as I followed her, "As you wish."

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Enter stage right


I followed Synnaquin through the inn as we made our way to Murder Row. I hung to the back of the group and remained silent, my insides tangled with apprehension. As we came to a stop in front of the brothel, I stared at the building, memories washing over me from my time spent there. I thought back to how I'd ended up there. The rebellion against my father, the mana use before I got to the brothel, the sex. I'd wanted it, the mindless escape that chasing pleasure gives. Then I remembered the sober times, with the other women there. The ones who became closer to me than my own blood.

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Aftermaths, second degree burns.


(I have edited the dates to reflect ICly, Shryn's timeline! Thanks for your patience <3 )


I stared across at Vandethir, a memory of Kagg distracting me from his words. I blink and shake my head certain I had misheard him,




“I said, I want to burn this city to the damned ground,” growled the Blood Knight suddenly and I nodded to him slowly. “Your joking right?” I say carefully, raising a brow.


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The Face that Haunts


     She laid in pain. Coughing hurt, it felt like she shattered her chest with each involuntary spasm. She had awakened this way...




Adapt and Overcome when plans get sticky...


The Duchess landed in the port town of Booty Bay, on a cool night with the moon rising over the horizon. Securing the gryphon with the flight master, she sauntered over to the town's local bar. She heard from the group Iloam had ran earlier that there was a party or something going on down here. Upon entering the bar, she found many of the ATS crew, her eyes fixated upon the Baron tending to his drunken Baroness on a table. Perhaps she was drunk, or revealing a side she never knew.

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Hello all.


Hello all, it's been a while since I looked into anything world of warcraft related...

First off, for those who has been wondering where have I account got pished.

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Book of Shadows


   Thralls: 40 I counted, Not all of them like me.But they are there...

    Death Knights made: 1

   Hello, Hello...Hello!? Fluff and stuff and all that Jazz. I made my First Death knight.. Dellissa; Once an elven paladin.. Now a Fel Knight. Twisting her body and soul with Fel magick and flipping the metaphysical switch that opperates with light and life. To Blood, Unholy, and still as the Grave.

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