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Its All Fun and Games...(Part 1)

The dating game...

Why had she even come here in the first place?

Because there was nothing better to do tonight. With only the occasional gull's cry to pierce her thoughts, the constant lapping of water against the hull was almost maddening.

She thought too much when it was quiet.


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Assorted headshots of my characters and other people's characters.

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Sleep to Dream

((This entry is plumbing the depths of ooooold ShC history and 2 years of backlogged Gaz stories. The end part refers to Gaark's memorial service from- what, 3 years ago. Apologies if it's unclear, but categorizing the systematic descent of a character into batsh*t hidden insanity (for the second and probably last time) is tuff :V))

We take from the Light in bits and pieces. The Faithful are just borrowers, really- We extract a cupful of power from the Most Holy font, then suffice to dump it out onto the ruined ground, wasted. It evaporates into nothing. Then we spend months, years, running around with that same cup lifted to the sky, trying to catch raindrops of mercy and forgiveness as they fall from the indefinite clouds.

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''Hnrngh.'' The man beside me reached for the pipe, claws flashing in the dim light. He had to cross over my thigh- holding onto my thigh, tightly, to support his gelantinous mass. My leg dug painful into the floor woven of filthy rushes, but I said nothing. Her eyes and mine..they were locked. Would've taken more than gypsy number 1020....and all that came before him.... to ever looks away from her in that moment. Habet Riyahel Hobi fi bali Tahdeeni Salam el habib... Tigouli Erjah ya Ghali Ta-lel foura wal il gharib....
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False Hope

I leaned against the wall of an alley in the Lower City, drumming my fingers on the stone surface behind me. Across the alley, which thronged with people despite the fact that this was a less-than-savory part of town, the entrance to my usual club yawned before me, promising the answer to the craving screaming within me. I could see the night elf who was my dealer, arrayed in embroidered silks, leaning back in his chair. He was watching me through that door as much as I was watching him. This was a game of ours: I would hem and haw outside the door, he would watch me, and eventually I would go in and we'd do our exchange. Usually this was accompanied by suggestions on his part of how I could get a discount that I routinely ignored.
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Fresh In the Mind

A new lover means a number of adjustments. There is the obvious, of course, but it goes beyond that. Growing used to someone beside you in bed, for example, and learning if they are the time to hold or to cling or to try and push you from the bed while you sleep. There's learning if they are the type to roll over and sleep immediately or to indulge in conversation. And, most importantly, there is learning just how much of your attention they demand. Thus far, Eberict was proving to be more favorable than I'd expected. He was beyond attentive, something I hadn't expected in the slightest from the rather bookish warlock. He didn't cling but he did hold. He at least talked a bit before descending into slumber. He didn't stop me from slaking my magical thirst on his own aura--indeed, he did his share of indulging in my Light-tinged aura as well.
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Doubts and Distrust

Animos walked westward along the stone road in the middle of the night. He had his sword slung over his right shoulder and his helm held against his left side in the crook of his arm. The only sounds were from his metallic footsteps and the jingle of his mail. He watched ghouls run around mindlessly in the fields as he passed the farms.

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Moving Day

The stench of decaying fish and mildew permeated Fedora’s quarters. On the floor the remains of her latest experiment lay where they’d been left. Shards of glass, dead fish, water stains, sand—she’d made no attempt to clean up.

Silvermoon, it is a wasteland. I will treat it as such.

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Cowardice, meet Courage - Part III [Conclusion]

The remote, easternmost part of the plaguelands hung low, as if the farther one travelled, the more skewed and heavy the atmosphere became, coming close to threshing, the bottoms of the stormy ceiling nearly flush with the grass. The diseased clouds scraped the tops of the shortest trees, and the light was so dim before it broke through to a terrestial level that the land was bathed in perpetual dusk.

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Cowardice, meet Courage - Part II

"What could you possibly expect I would have done?! You can't just shove over a man who's been fighting the scourge for the entirety of his unlife and expect him to trust you!" roared Animos, snapping his arm out to gesture to the pile of ghouls that he had dispatched just moments ago.

Xhaztol, now terribly bitter about his decision to save this man, crossed his arms over his chest and shrugged, "Oh, I don't know, I guess I would have THOUGHT for a moment or two before engaging in something as barbaric as that."

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A Redux

...I'm not crazy.

A book lays open...

Observationalist. Aloof. Analyst. Well dressed. Over-thinks. Over-analyzes. Speaks too much. Speaks too little. In control. Not in control. Stalker. Snake. Viper. What type of predator do I think I am?

The rest of the page repeats one word over and over...


At the bottom of the page, hastily written:

...I’m not crazy.


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Into the Looking Glass


(( When I transferred to Shadow Council almost a year ago, I was uncertain of the types of characters I would run into (both real and imaginary), and what exactly an RP server would be like.  I was utterly shocked I wasn't bombarded with Old English being yelled in capital cities, or people cybering in the darkest recesses of the Deeprun Tram.

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(( All of my characters have been a rich, wonderful experience to play and to represent.

As of right now I feel as if it would be inappropriate to participate in active RP with Gazrael, as she has reached a period of stasis. I have every intention of bringing her in strongly with the events of WOTLK, but from a personal perspective I feel as if her current timeline has reached its last note.

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Observations of an Outsider

Fedora casually stepped around a cat as is lay on the ground, intently watching one of Silvermoon’s magicked brooms as it tidied the streets. Pushing back the delicate silk curtains guarding the entrance, she stepped into the inn. Without a nod to the tenant on duty, she headed to her room. From within a tattered leather satchel she retrieved a faintly glowing crystal—perhaps not the most secure of keys, though functional. Holding it close to the door of her room, she heard the locks click.

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Cowardice, meet Courage - Part I

The already rotten and tangled bouquets made this newly placed batch of flowers appear to glow, even in the dusk of a heavily doused Tirisfal. Already their sheen and vibrance was beginning to molt, and he knew within the hour that they would be as decayed as his past offerings. Nothing lasted in this wretched glade, nothing.

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The One Who Causes the Darkness

Why do we look outside ourselves for things to blame?  Why do we seek to find a reason, a cause, or acceptance by pointing the finger at someone, something else?  Is that how we come to live with who we are?  Is that how we learn to sleep at night?  It’s a lie.


We’re only fooling ourselves.

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The Light shall prevail

Against the wind and the tide I could stand any shock.
Straight and proud like Silvemoon upon her rock.
I let no woman near I suffered for Light's care.
In the heart of the night I saw the lightning flare.


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Changes and New Recruits

Ta'Srith sat and patiently drew on her right hand. She drew with the tip of a sharp knife, face reflecting nothing of the pain she felt as she carefully drew elaborate runes into her own flesh. The welling blood was daubed away only when it overflowed the channels she carefully cut. Her hand trembled beneath the knife, the only sign of how painful it was to carve these sigils into her skin. She leaned back for a moment, glancing up at the past before her eyes. Seated on a boulder, looking at mountains... the mountain behind her. Sitting on the flanks of Hyjal.

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Lab Rats Scrabbling at their Cages


Test Subject 536-0a-112

Species: Fel-tainted subspecies ('Child of Blood')

Age approximation: Twenty turns of the Sun-death

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A Gnarled Tree


 It was a long hike to get up here.. I didn't bring my bird. No point, really. She'd have nothing to eat, and I don't want to be foraging.. there's other things I need to do. She'll be fine.. stabled in Thunder Bluff. I told Bas to go hunting once we got here.. no clue when I'll see him again. I haven't seen Cinnabar in weeks. I wish I knew where he was.. but cats are cats. He may be busy. Maybe when I go home, I'll find him. Hope he's okay.

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A Helpful Summary


((With apologies to Gazrael and Eberict.))


hi.  i grom.


i king uv recap!!!!!!!

 i so shinee!!!!



but todae i not do recap.

i no wut u say.


"but grom!  u no recap????? dats crazee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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Sickness of Soul

Do you truly think a bandage roll will make my heart not hurt? Did you want me to overhear? He knifed me! And you rewarded him with your love once more given to the unworthy. Bandages aren't enough to heal me. My ears won't stop hearing your cries. I'd heard them before, you see... given to ME. You act out of turn, Kharris.. you act to be a knife in my heart cutting deeper than your darling Iloam's blade in my back. The troll had the right of it. I intend to fight.. alpha male indeed, I'll be. If my smile is what you seek, you'll find it. But not at the price you're making me pay...

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To be Srith


Ta'Srith sat silent, in her preferred place of meditation in eastern Ashenvale, drooping blooms surrounding her, and considered the change in her circumstances. To an intruding eye, the seated Kal'Dorei was a study in perfect, unsullied repose. Her legs were folded in the lotus' harmony, and her hands had naturally drifted to the mudra of inner peace. Body arranged to best move through the slow stately dance of time, the woman in the small grove of ancient pillars smiled very faintly.

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Hand Over Your Pick Axe - Part 1

"Too many close shaves and headaches when I follow you two around. If you're not going to help me figure this debacle out, I'll do it myself," Xhaztol scowled at the two elves.

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Close your eyes, dear


I've never felt this tired.. this violated. That's the word.. I can feel him inside me. What a fool I was.. she was right. Stupid, idiot boy. I thought I knew him.. I guess I only found the darkness in ME.. and then he truly came.. and I couldn't fight him.. he wanted her. Oh Light, he wanted her. I could see from beneath.. it was like I was in a long box - ha, maybe a coffin.. MY coffin.. and looking up at him through dark glass. I could see everything he was going to do to her. At first, I was so tired.. it didn't matter.

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For the Children.

((Short entry.))


She felt...awkward. Encased in a shell of thick plate, in ostentatious display. Her sideways glances were most usually obscured by a brilliant glimmer of gold, a protestation from Sel'theril at her shoulders and brow. It beamed brightly, seeking to nudge her away her away from a human display of weakness and familiarity with those around her. A prison of gold, was it? ''No,'' she thought. ''Way too dramatic.''


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It's not "Living a Lie"....


Well Bas, the rooms are set up. I think I'll like it here when I don't want to be home. Let's take a moment, huh, and think about what we're doing. Me. Whatever. A lot has changed in a very short time. Maybe it'll help if I work my way through.. I want to be.. whole when she comes.

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This Day

Today, we will join two of our dearest friends in the blessed state of Ka'eltiel.




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((Not -truly- explicit, but yeah.))


''And here, folks, be the mystical and dangerous Red Whipvine. It destroy all in the path of its rampan' growth, as you can see all along this path.'' A fat finger gestured to a virulent-looking grey plant, snaking vines winding along the ground and leaflitter with statuesque purpose.


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