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Summer Storm

Family legend dictated that the surname “Summerstorm” derived from the ship that had been in the family forever. It was a legend that got passed around between the crew, something that gave them pride. After all, working for a captain with a long lineage on the sea gave the superstitious sailors comfort. Renara Summerstorm was a crafty woman and she took most of her secrets to the grave with her.

Castien knew the important ones. Chiefly that the boat was named after her. His mother was vain. It was made for her, the figurehead carved in her image. They were liars, they were thieves. Being pirates it was part of the job. She was charismatic enough that she could charm anyone into believing what she said. Truthfully, they were named for a much simpler reason: Much like a summer storm, their rage could build in a flash and be terrifyingly destructive until the inflow of whatever it was that had enraged them in the first place was too weak for the outflow to keep up with.

Usually, it took a lot; the right ingredients being carefully arranged at the right time. It was rare that he blew up to the point that the descriptor was true. He wasn’t a particularly angry man.

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My Funny Friends and I

One vial for forgetting. Viscous grey.

One vial for remembering. Milky yellow.

One vial for a good time. Shimmery blue.

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Sailing the Barge had been a joy. It hadn’t been like the yacht, true, there had been no crackle of the fabric catching the wind, no sting of spray across her cheeks, no rise and fall of the bow in the rhythm of breathing…but there had been the open sea, and the breeze, and the industrious chug of the diesels had a music of their own she’d come to love. All of Nassreen’s worries had whipped away like the foam across the waves.

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Intermission: Observations

Paths cross in Rachet, with war creeping in on every side. I love goblin towns. They're always open for business and eager for trade. Back in Lordaeron, a lot of refugees got to eat because of them. Of course there's also the arms trafficking, including their explosives. War is a messy business after all.

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Party Crasher (55-Words)


I'm a foolish, naive woman.
I knew this could have happened, but I wanted some fresh air.
There was a peaceful lull.
She struck, leaving a crimson trail upon the sand.
At least I have a name, though: Rhagia.

My shadow's shadow found out more.
Thankfully, Kharris's quick healing worked.

But, I ruined the party.

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Throwing in the towel.


I went to the barge to find out things about Iloam's mother, but instead I found out about myself.

Wasn't that a kicker?

I found out that Kharris was completely mental but very sweet.

I found out that not being liked for being a warlock is still painful to hear, even though it makes complete sense.

I found out that Lily has friends she doesn't deserve.

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Work Ethic

(Three journal pages below cut!)

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ATS: Nassreen's First Meeting (Notes)

((As those there may have observed, Nassy was taking some personal reminder notes during the ATS meeting. So many people, she needs help to remember who is who! Here is what she had in her notebook - large image file after the break!))

Meeting Notes

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On Trial


The engines of the barge were silent, but the room felt loud. The walls were darkened with soot and had a weird sort of sheen from the particles of oil that adhered there. There were no windows, the only light coming from bare bulbs that hung on grimy wires. The engines themselves crouched massively, waiting, seemingly ready to roar into life at the slightest provocation. It was the furthest possible thing from what Nassreen had imagined her workplace would ever be. But here she was.

She loved it.

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Lights Out (1)


The bar wasn't particularly crowded, yet it seemed a veritable circus to her. The push of bodies, the touch of strangers as they passed made her want to scream, made her want to lash out.


She chose a relatively quiet spot in the back of the bar, where she could keep an eye on the exit – and the various patrons. The bustle of night life was overwhelming, the throngs of people reminiscent of the horde of demons that came in all shapes and sizes – all pushing, gnashing, groping, hungry maws, thrashing tails, cloven hooves...


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Other Unexpected Salvages

Here I am again. Waiting. In the dark.

I hate this. I’ve ruined Jericho’s office. He can send me the bill.

No idea what’s going on; not to be involved.

And what the fuck was with the box of “toys” on the desk?

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The Gift of Fear

((Late, as usual! This took place several weeks ago now!))

Fear had never been permitted.


She unfurled achingly slowly from where she had huddled. The tiny bed creaked, as inn furnishings were wont to do, drawn out under the petite elven woman’s miniscule movements.


Fear was paralytic.


Gasps ripped at a throat raw and ragged from screams she couldn’t remember voicing.


Fear was weakness.


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Unexpected salvage at the curry house

((The things you learn! We learned that Ylaise was ~partially~ inspired after Robin from "How I met your mother" and Cyrena and I couldn't help it. This is the result, Ylaise-player approved! Poster made by Cyrena-player. Eat your heart out Sig Nicious fans, you ain't got nothin' on Lacey!))


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She imagined that she could still hear their screams, if she listened hard enough.


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Hitting the Fan (Part 1)


Well I was really anxious about my impending marriage and the ongoing war against Hellscream.

Anxious doesn’t begin to cover it, really.  I went through the full stages of grief in regards to Iloam’s brilliant plan to “take care of my future.”  I am sure when this is all over, I’ll go back to that, but for now, there are more pressing issues on my mind.  And to think, Sunday night started out so well.

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Short Letter to Kharris


I did as you asked. The true purpose for the salvage op was a success.

After the salvage team departed, I stole away to the Archivium and used the disks to access the full Titan database on the Old Gods. I'm pouring over the information now. Hopefully there's something here on how to combat whatever Garrosh intends to do with Y'Shaarj's remains...

- J.A.V.

P.S. After Monday night, I have this odd compulsion to find a beat-up black leather jacket and cruise around on a motorbike.

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Formitative moments

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, so a sharp crack and the rumble of thunder roused instinct enough to make even the two children raise their heads from their play. Their bodies shifted in unison where they were squatting, and her dark hand drooped to scuff a cornhusk doll against the dead scrub of mountain weeds.

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Journal and a Letter

Dear Diary, it's been awhile since I wrote in yo Stop right there. I'm not some love-starved preteen twit whose ex is flirting with the head cheerleader of the Fishball team.


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An early lesson


“No. I can’t do anything with that.”

“Surely, you’re over reacting. Someth--”


The little girl’s ears couldn’t help but perk toward the other room and the pregnant pause within, but otherwise her poise remained unflawed. She continued to stare over the patterns on the hallway wallpaper opposite her. The first voice echoed down the narrow hall ahead of two sets of steps. “What is the use? It won’t go anywhere. I have better investments to work with.”

“Our fam--”

“Is not worth my time.”

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The Troubles


Nothing was going well lately, it seemed.

He’d broken up with Tali-- a fact that didn’t cease to cause him grief even though he constantly reminded himself that it was truly for the best.

Now Kharris was deeply upset. He’d held her while she sobbed Sunday morning.
He didn’t know what she was upset about. He didn’t ask.

It wasn’t his business, that much he knew.

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The Road (1)


I was never sure if it was something in me, or if it was a wider trait of Travelers. Something inherent to gypsies, maybe. I suspect we’re all a bit like this.

I love the Road.

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Trespass (6) - Kharris' Leap


"It's good to feel you again,
It's been a long long time. Hasn't it?"

- Supper`s Ready (Lover`s Leap)


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Trespass (7) - Watcher of the skies


((This follows this blog entry:

It also relates to events describe from Kharris' point of view here:

Yes, we're continuing this story.))



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