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Questions: How Does It Work?


I felt my eyes bore into the back of the necromancer's head, he was going to fuck it up. I instantly became aware of how stupid the plan was, and how I'd likely given him everything to banish me into the nether that I'd so recently dragged myself from. I was in heaven, so why in the fel had I chosen to step back into the realm body and try again?


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Awkward Beginnings

Gaelwyn woke up in the makeshift inn there in the depths of Felwood at some odd hour. Once she remembered the night's events, she was more grateful than usual for the isolation of this temporary home. Earlier that night she had boarded the zeppelin in Orgrimmar with a few other Blood Elves, intending to run routine errands. She met someone, though, and from there her night flipped topsy-turvy.

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Run Right Back


"She's trying to come back to life," he murmured against his partner's warm skin.

Her hand stilled as she stroked it through his silken black hair, "So what does that mean? Is she going to try to kill me again?"

Castien picked his head up off of Cyrena's pale breast and frowned, "Why would she? I mean, last time was understandable--"

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Falconwing Square…

She watches as the beer dribbles out of the bottle at her feet, the shock of seeing the Dawndancer girl beginning to fade as humiliation takes over.

First impressions...

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Questions: Where to?


Heaven. This was heaven.

 The silken blankets curled around my body as I lay in bed, hugging each curve of my body with memorized affection. The air was cool, but that was to be expected this early in spring. The breeze had caught the window, setting it open to let the scent of jasmine through.

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The Only Way I Know How


Are you safe now? Did you banish him?”

“I'm working on it.” Means no.


You don't have to do it alone.”

“It isn't fair to ask you.” Means I do.


I didn't hear anyone asking anything. I heard someone ~offering~”

My silence means you weren't the first, or even the third to offer. They couldn'twouldn'tdidn'tcan't help me.

"So you're back to summoning.”

So I am going to help myself the only way I know how.



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Husk of a Man

Looks like it always did
This flesh and bone
It's just the way that we are tied in
Now there's no-one home
I grieve

Behind me, the ruined church is a slowly fading memory. The rain eased up last night, but it's foggy now. The softening quality the fog imparts is not unlike a knife twisting in me.

I can feel the screams burning in my throat. It's a pressure against me, from inside, forcing against my flesh. Against my will. I need to howl, to batter my fists against the toppled stones I walk past.

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Trespass (6, Til I collapse)

I am learning the rules and my thoughts are clearing. I do not belong here, but I am beginning to adapt; I should probably worry about that, but I don’t have time to spend wallowing. I never stop fighting.

The unexpectedly careful voidwalkers; a battle of a patience, then sudden strikes. The bold but predictable succubi and incubi; their confidence is their weakness. The imps are chaotic but cunning; they are easily distracted and weak once vulnerable. Felguards, felhounds, hags, infernals, abyssals, dreadlords, doomguards.They all have their weaknesses.

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Trespass: Harlequin


(Time passing for Synnaquin was very different for Kharris. I hope that does not confuse too much! <3)

Brewfest 2 Years Ago.

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Trespass (5, Enemy of my enemy)


(Per usual, this is pretty late. I'm so slow! This goes with )


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“Bring him to me, alive.”

Asarel wanted the shaman that had robbed him of his lover. It was wrong seeing her laying quiet and unmoving, doing nothing more than breathing. There wasn’t anything he could do but bring back a Shaman.

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Past in Shadow

I should have known her when I came upon her, even cast in shadows the form within should have been familiar, she and I have had our rounds after all, fights with words, spells and things far worse.

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Gathering Storm Pt. 1

I could feel it like a thunder in my veins.

Oh, it's fairly clear that I'm as happy a man as one might merit, given my past and my habits.

My little foibles, in fact.

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There's something I don't have a lot of, anymore.

I miss Iloam's impromptu parties on the barge.

I miss Kharris, Ari, Gil, Kade,Fox, and Jericho. I miss our drinking games. I miss ATS.

I miss fishing off the docks, with Joy. Or the time she and I filled Iloam's office with three hundred fish!

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​Shopping for female Elves was, quite possibly, one of the most difficult events a man could face. Especially when it was shopping for a nice gift to aid and accompany apology. 

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On the Edge

Asarel had been shot.

It wasn't fatal, of course. The arrow had hit him just below the hip while they had been standing just off the Fancy Cakes' stoop, and Miss Luisa, Doctor Luisa?, had fixed him up. Castien had no doubt that it was Tel'arar's girl that had done it. They had the arrow shaft, they could prove the fletching matched.  What would be the point, though?

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A Series of Flashbacks - Kharris & Ari

Many things could be said about Ada Foxtrot.

For Example...

She quickly angers.

She's dirty

Stay the FEL out of her Engine Room.

Alchemy of all things.

On the barge!?


Highly explosive chemicals even seemingly close in proximity to the precious engine she maintained gave The Mechanic a heart-attack.

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Heaven Beside You(Hell Within)

He sat quietly in the pre-dawn dark, the surface of the desk he worked at lit by the faintly pulsing glow of a power supply the size of his fist that sat above the stack of papers.

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Perhaps she'd simply lock herself in her home, once it was built.


Every venture she'd made since becoming a Knight seemed to have resulted in a more resounding failure than the previous one.


It was no wonder that she wanted to move slow with Ivor. If she went charging in as she had with everything else, he'd go slipping through her fingers. Except, when she hadn't moved with caused Ivor to doubt her.


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