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Assassin's Tea Party

May the road rise up to meet you

It was hard, sometimes, to explain to people who were so used to seeing what they were fighting that shadows could be deadly. More deadly than the standard Knight or monster with brute strength. The bumps in the night, the rustling in the leaves, the creak of an old staircase at night. Being afraid of the dark was something that mothers tried to work out of their children when they were still elflings. It worked too well for some.

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Some days were better than others.
Other days seemed perfectly fine until the very moment they suddenly spiraled out of control.  Like the morning he saw the woman in the Exchange…

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Just a piece.


It shouldn’t have surprised me. I could still feel Kharris’s eyes. The usually playful sparkling hue was flat and serious. Angry even. Hell, I even knew why.

Because I had used Iloam.

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Going Through the Motions

I stood on the porch of my cabin in Winterspring. Little did I care for company. The incessant ramblings of the voices coming through my com would normally have driven me to turn it off.

I merely tuned it out instead.

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At Least I'm Honest

Pretty lasses.


Silvermoon is swarmin' with 'em.


It wears a man out.


Thing is, they're all the same eventually: blonde, brunette, red-head, raven-haired...short, tall, voluptuous, petite.


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Haunted, Part Three

((After over a week of fiddling, cold medicine induced haze, and personal real life unexpected happenings, I finally have to just post without it being what I want it to be. It was also MASSIVE, so I've split it into two, again. Apologies. This RP happened a bit ago, and I hope it's not too confusing with 'newer' blogs out.))

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Haunted, Part Two


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"He's exhausted."

"He's weak," the tattooed gypsy woman corrected with a cold, but satisfied, tone.

"He's found ways to chase us off temporarily at times, but we have others to attend to as well."

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Love is Like a Brick

It isn't fair.


They don't deserve this.


None of them.


I lit votive after votive in the tiny chapel that sat flanked by tall, pruned trees. At each flicker of a new flame's life, I saw the face of another friend...another Sin'dorei.


I was losing the new family I'd stumbled into. The one that mattered more than any blue blood in my veins.


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Stranger In Blood


A large manilla envelope arrives via certified mail and addressed to Kharris Dawndancer. Inside the envelope is an ornate silver lighter and two very official-looking documents.


Dear Ms. Dawndancer: 

We are saddened to hear the news of the death of Bellani Phoenicia . We realize this is a difficult time for you and your family, and it is our wish to help you expedite the settlement of the outstanding wages due Ms. Phoenicia's named beneficiaries per the terms of her employment contract. 

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My boss's brogue- concerned, wafted from the box...then not all of his emotions were gone?

 “Anyone seen Lily since this afternoon?”

The Marquis' rich bass, stretched taut over the comm that I could not see,

 “Do you need my aid?”

Kharris' shock, at hearing of demons on their own ship...

His brogue is back...again, and again. Only the voices, and this damned succubus to keep me company.

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Small Miscalculations


Her fingers raked through my hair, almost rough in her need.

Iloam arrived on his motorcycle, with his mistress tucked behind him wrapped in a blanket. I had a mental image of them as a death knight and ghoul briefly -what a reduction of that vibrant woman to be his weak chewed-over bone carried from interest to interest. Kharris arrived alone.. self possessed and self controlled, hugging Theryl in greeting.

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Suffer and Be Still


“You knew what you were getting into.”

“I did.”

“You knew what kind of a man he was.”

I sighed and set my knitting to one side. “We’ve been through this before.”

The statue of my goddess sat on its shelf in the corner of my solar, glaring disapprovingly - if a weathered wooden idol could be said to glare.

“Then why are you whining about it?” She said.

“I’m not whining.” Not much.

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They Say Curiosity Killed the Cat...


"Things are not always what they seem - the first appearance deceives many;the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden..."


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They are gone, leaving me with my Lady.

The boy sleeps I am certain. The servants have washed him. They will be returning from a day's rest I'd given them, weary of feeling like an invalid, weary of their whispers when I came to myself after a lapse of memory and mind.

So I am granted further continuance. Further existence.

How selfish the women in my life are.

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((The following is written in neat, schooled script, but in a dialect of Thalassian letters unlikely to be understood by many. The book itself is small, with a dark purple leather cover and the initials KDB embossed on the corner. The entry is dated, and the latest in a series of other short, handwritten notes. Apparently, Kharris keeps a diary.))


~There's so much around me.

So many.

We dance and I watch them come together and spin apart. I can see so much from up here.

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Seeing Stars

Stardrifter. Stardust. Starwhisper. Mu'sha, it seems like everyone's either you or the stars. Even in name...


     The balmy heat licked against her skin, causing a layer of sweat to cling to her slightly aching frame with no way to escape, the muggy time of day was to blame for the unpleasantness certainly. The day was dragging to a close and she awaited the cooler evening patiently. Lifting her arm, she wiped the perspiration away from her forehead with the back of her hand before using her fingers to draw the dark chocolate strands away from her eyes.

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Anchors Aweigh


Dear Kharris,


If you're reading this, then I'm already long gone. I couldn't tell you face to face. Not because I'm a coward, but because if I had to look you in the eye and tell you, you'd turn into a blubbering piece of shit. You totally would. And neither of us need that.

I've worn out my welcome a bit in Dalaran. It's all for the best though, I guess. It was starting to get boring anyway. And I'm not going back to Silvermoon. Ever. There's nothing there for me anymore.

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Night and Blood


"You're... very good at this." She was all leg, awkward, torn between indecision and fear, desire and trepidation. A challenge in her eyes, but with that challenge came tension.

"You are a mongrel dog among wolves!" Scarred snarling face glaring at me with hatred like venom dripping from his tongue, threatening, trying to bully.

"No other man makes me feel like yeh do.. like yeh're all I want." He stood in front of me, hands on either side of where I leaned back against a table, sipping mulled wine.


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