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I am a man


Je suis un homme de Cro-Magnon                                    I am a caveman
Je suis un singe ou un poisson                                        I am an ape, or a fish    
Sur la Terre en toute saison                                            On the earth, in all seasons 
Moi je tourne en rond, je tourne en rond.                         I walk around, I walk around


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Remember what I said about predator and prey?

 Jericho's deep voice had come over the public channel on her comm – the squawk box had been going off all day.

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Motives for Murder


"Fear - jealousy - money - revenge - and protecting someone you love."
---- Frederick Knott - Max Halliday, listing the five important motives for murder, Dial M for Murder (1952)


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Elves... why does it always have to be *elves*


My eyes drifted over the chessboard and didn't really consider them beyond a brief assessment of the end of last night's game.

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Gin & Juice - Recap of Last Night

((The following is Wezil's summary of last night's event at the Gin & Juice. The direct link to the Wiki entry for this night is here, complete with photos of the event...

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The arrival room

Standing here on a cliff in Azshara watching the stars come out, I might feel some sense of peace.

Peace, I have concluded, is for men who are less busy than I. Men who could indeed simply stand with cloak flapping about their legs, watching the scudding clouds lit violet and cerulean against the velvet blue heavens.

Men who are not me.

I activated the stone, and in a swirl of green light, I found myself in the room for that purpose at the Hero's Welcome. The arrival room. As I pushed open the door, the gleam on the brass caught my eye and I inwardly sighed.

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((She who was once called Spawna! ... AKA: Veri-player had a baby!))

((Hey everyone! Totally OOC post, but some people asked for information about the baby!

Yesterday my husband and I welcomed a baby girl into our family. :) Here are the details!

Gwen (Gwendolyn) Nicole

16.25 inches long

4lbs and 14oz (TINY)

Born: October 5th, 2010 at 2:17pm


("Spawna" is what my husband would occasionally refer to the baby as during the pregnancy, by the way)

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Avoiding the Storm

We've only arrived home from our weekend holiday early this morning, but I decided to come in to the office as some sort of show of support. I can't say it's a strong one, really. Mostly I'm a warm body and the lanterns are glowing, but I'm useless to any sort of actual work. Ace is in the lobby and there's tea and coffee brewing while she tackles the bulk of everything I'm not doing. There's all sorts of letters and scrolls on me desk to go through, and an unusual parcel wrapped in brown paper addressed to me from one Ixinane Stormcren. I'm avoiding that one.

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I feel cheated. Utterly cheated.

Imagine if you will- we've all felt it! - seeing some delectable cake. It smells divine. It looks like paradise made into something most palatable indeed. You pay your coin, you take your share, and settle down, looking thoroughly forward to how you KNOW it will taste. And you are betrayed. Chalky icing. Dry, barely swallowable stuff. How bitterly you curse the facade that led you to fancy and anticipate the sweet victory. You damn yourself in that moment for weakness, for wanting what could not be.

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The Worst Backfiring of a Plan Ever


Hakkajin’ju braced her elbows against each side the tabletop, the chin in her palms dangerously close to scraping against the wood in misery. The smug face of Xiuhteena towered over the battlefield sketched out by the timber’s grains. Hakka drooped father on the table until her nasal cavities were digesting the scent of splinters. The opponent tried to persuade her, “Just kiss ‘em.”


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On Wings

Exarch Menelaous had met an old friend.  In normal circumstances Ole Hannevold would have felt pleased for him, but in this particular case he was practically ecstatic. 

The Exarch had never ventured as far as Dalaran before, normally preferring to remain at Azure Watch to oversee the continuing recovery and restorative work.  With so many of his people now in the Northrend region, however, he’d summoned his courage and decided on a fact-finding visit.  The Draenei had asked Ole to accompany him on the journey as a guide and the young man had been happy to do so.

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And she was thankful for well-oiled windows


((Unspecified day last week!))

Like so many city adventures, this one began with a window.

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There is no balance, no equality


Your face appears again, I see the beauty there
But I see danger, stranger beware
A circumstance in your naked dreams
Your affection is not what it seems

My fantasy has turned to madness
All my goodness has turned to badness
My need to possess you has consumed my soul
My life is trembling, I have no control

I will have you, yes I will have you
I will find a way and I will have you
Like a butterfly, a wild butterfly
I will collect you and capture you


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Perched in a Tree In Dalaran


Looking over the Landing, perched in a tree. A bird. What kind of bird, though?

A Bird of paradise--An ornament? Preening and elegant?

A Songbird--Kept for entertainment? Hopping among perches to sing?

A Raptor--A fierce tool? Jesses on my ankles?

If I jump out, will I fall or fly? Doesn't matter. Cages.

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The bay gelding shuffles under me and snorts, still skittish from the strange weight on his back and the smell of blood.  I pat the horse's neck and mutter something reassuring.  His former owner, or what's left of him, is lying by the road a mile or two back.

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When they come... they come at what you love.


IN MY HOME! IN MY BEDROOM! Where my wife sleeps... and my children play with their toys.  - The Godfather II


I can forgive a great many things.

There are things a man does not forgive or forget. Yet even in the throes of absolute rage, you have to consider every alternative. Every option. Will killing this man threaten those you love more than leaving him alive? If you let him live.. how to you ensure that it is your hand resting on the collar you strap about his neck?

I could have forgiven just the attack on my own person.

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Recent events make me wonder how I have changed. Who I have become. How this world has changed, and I with it.

Tonight I sat at my noisy club in the belly of Dalaran. I drained every stored iota to do what I did to that warlock. I hope she's unaware of that - it's a limit of mine, and I don't particularly like enemies to know my limits.

Is she an enemy? I suppose that remains to be seen.

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The Bitch Is Back


“I've seen enough.”

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A few words can throw a bloke off balance with the same weight of a mace or great sword. Resulting in a stumble. A trip. A staggering fall.

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A Raisin in the Sun

When you’re outside the jungle and someone asks you to describe it, you’re likely to say “hot.” When you’re in the jungle and you want to describe it, suddenly your words get a bit more descriptive: “suffocatin,” “swelterin,” “blisterin,” “stiflin,” “mucky.” Un-bloody-bearable. 

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Heavy Handed

At length, all was explained to him. What he had somehow known all along now had words to accompany, and the terrible weight of what he feared had settled onto his chest like some sort of… well… there really was no avoiding it, now… parasite.

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Iloam. The boy, The killer, The lover. Part one.


It’s mid-afternoon in. The rain is cold, the sort that makes people want to get off the streets fast or huddle under cloaks. Most of the guards stand under doorways and mutter directions to tourists with a sort of misery to their voices. The smells of warm Winter food, fresh bread and crackling meats pour from taverns and bakeries, as well as little tucked away shops along backstreet cobblestone alleys.


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