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Demons and Threats


My focus wasn't really there when I followed the blood elf in. Ixinane shoved open the door with all the assured and controlled anger she could muster, but I wasn't particularly interested in admiring the way her hips swung or her fel magic roiled off in waves.

I had rather a more important task.

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The end game.


(( I feel it's important to mention. This is, as always, HIS point of view. His vision of things. The internal monologue, the first person I use in most of my blogs, are my way of showing that it's what he perceives as the truth, not the truth itself. I apologize if I ever made some think otherwise. ))


In chess, the final stage is called the end game.

There are only a few pieces left on the board and the pawns, ordinary foot soldiers in a game of powerfull knights and bishops, suddenly become very important.

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Three Letters, a Book and some Poultry

((Three letters and two packages travel through the mail))



I feel a little awkward writing to ask you this.  We aren't much more than slight acquaintances, but as Meliak admired and even more importantly TRUSTED you, I know I can as well.  Please - I need your help.

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Monsters within Monsters.



I often wonder if demons are really so different from us.

Everyone's there. Waiting.

Iloam's in the chair. I can see his heart racing. The pain of his wrists and ankles chaffed by the iron bands holding him down.

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The wretched newt was waiting obediently when I left my rooms at the Hero's Welcome.

Theryl was curled in the bed where I'd left her; what a delicious way to wake with my lovely warrior beneath me, her curly auburn hair alive against my fingers, her eyes gazing up with all the complex emotions I still couldn't quite name. Lust of course. A curious shyness, mixed with a brazen and heady brash coppery something to leaven it. I would have spent the day enjoying her as before, but I had a task at hand beckoning me like an inescapable siren song.

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Nothing Personal, Just Business

My scowl returned as I left the Heroes' Welcome.  Lord Vinguld's note had been alarmingly terse, just "I need you." and nothing more.  He'd let me in on what'd happened, Iloam's demon had gone nuts and half-eaten one of Vinguld's toys.  Then Drakys had made things worse by calling in Ixiwhatsits.  So we had some problems.

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Demons and elves

Nether-cursed wretched blood elves.

In the span of no more than a few hours I lost Isirami to a demon-possessed idiot boy whom my Kharris adores. Who ate Isirami for the most part. IN MY CLUB. Drakys's but still. Then attacked Drakys, causing me to intervene. The little wretch attacked me as this 'Tithe' AND as Iloam.

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-Radio Telegram to Pukebile Blackmarrow-


-Urgent news.-

-Iloam is possessed by a demon.-

-He ate the daugther of someone important from the Kirin Tor.-

-The previous statement was not an error in transmission.-

-Ythgar has him in a locked room with Kharris.-

-Kharris has gone insane, as she continues to love him despite his new diet.-

-Their plan is to find a new host for this demon.-

-My plan was to tell the Kirin tor father of a half eaten daughter about Iloam, have them locked him up in the Violet Hold forever.-

-Ixinane has a plan to help Iloam.-

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'In Search Of A Rogue - Part 2'

The Warlock didn't like the idea of leaving the Warrior in light of what was radiating from her.  But the quicker she left on her errand, the quicker she'd be back to talk with Theryl, before the red-head got herself into more trouble.

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'In Search Of A Rogue - Part 1'

The meeting with Theryl's friend seemed to have gone well, and in the end, the Warlock agreed to enter the Nether to retrieve Iloam, or at least try to.  It had been a while since she was there anyway.  The fact that Iloam wasn't fond of Warlocks could make Celise's task more difficult.  The thought of it made her shift in her chair as she spoke with Kharris.

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No Water Hot Enough


It's time to get out of the tub; skin's getting all wrinkly again.  Not like there's much else to do but stare out the window.  I'll give it a little and take another one, not that it will help.  I ought to eat, but nothing wants to stay down.  Sometimes, I just break down and cry for no reason.

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Ythika - Watcher.

For weeks, I have watched. Silent even when my heart sings for him.

Months, I have waited. Still, though I am stirred.

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Ich will dass ihr mich versteht


Ich will dass ihr mir glaubt

The door opened downstairs, and a barely perceptible hum in the house changed; a feeling shifted. Perhaps it was the servants, or something of the mood of the townhouse, but it was clear that Ythgar Vinguld had returned. Still, the mood that flowed in with the death knight nobleman was darker by far, and complex. Muffled voices downstairs, the deeper bass undertone commanding.

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Gott weiss ich will kein Engel sein

Ythgar stood in the study at his townhouse in Stormwind. The servants were engaged in cleaning up what was left in his workroom, and he'd closed this door after tidying himself and changing clothes. Balance, after all, was essential. To do kindnesses, one should remember what one was, and refresh the memory should it grow dim, lest one begin to fancy oneself some shining knight again.

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A Little Red Around the Edges


The wind off the mountains was cold, but bracing.  I took deep breath of the fresh air and smiled as I walked after the Scarlet death knight who was trying to drag himself away from me.  No need to hurry, he wasn't going far with a broken hip.  Scarlet death knights.  I made a face; what was the world coming to?  The Crusade used to have some standards.  And now ... now those undead bastards were everywhere, like Ythgar Vinguld. 

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A Moth to the Flame

The cold light of a Darnassian dawn filtered through the curtains of Celise's spare bedroom.  She'd been glad to see me and I'd filled her in on what was going on.  She'd agreed to help, now it was just a matter of getting her and Kharris together and figuring out what was up with Iloam.  And that damn mage, still needed to find her.

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Her choices in poison and weapons

Rum was always her poison of choice. Tonight, for added punch, she laced it with a bit of mana. She’d smiled prettily at the barkeep, Dathri, to convince him to find the richest, strongest mana he had. Intimately familiar with the pattern on the single dram vial he'd passed her, her mind wandered over Fidir and his worgs and she smiled, sipping again and sucking the mage-conjured ice deliciously for a moment. The buzz of the mana thrilled through her tongue and she lazily blinked into the darkness of midnight.

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A Letter to Kharris


(( Picture after the break. ))


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In the Path of Monsters


I leaned against the doorway of a shop and watched Kharris walk away, hips swaying as she moved with her dancer's grace.  It'd been good to see her again, I'd missed her cheerfulness and irreverence.  Talking to her hadn't been so great.  Well, the talking was okay; what we'd talked about, not so okay.

A man brushed against me with a muttered "Sorry."  I flinched at the sudden rush of heat in my groin.  Visions rushed to my brain; our naked bodies pressed together, kisses burning my face and neck, impaling myself on ...

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The Patience of the Dead

She slept the way a kitten or a child does. She slept the way his daughter Yshka once had. The sleep of someone pressed beyond their controls and their ability to maintain barriers and defenses. He lay beside her, clothed, and moved only to tug a blanket up to cover the slender dark-skinned elf. Then again wrapped his arms about her loosely curled body. She mumbled and turned over, curling against him.

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Vanity. Such an appropriate name.

Kharris grinned to herself, dimples peeking out in the quick flash, and turned her neck in the mirror. Her eyelids lowered, peering at the way the green ribbon pulled snug against her throat. A small pendant, no bigger than her fingertip, hung there at the little hollow of where her throat met her chest. Again the corners of her lips tugged up.

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For Kharris [Art]




I drew Kharris today, just for kicks. 

Or, I mean, dancer-like arm gestures.

Pose from Here, more or less.

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Floating in the sky with angel waste.


The heat, ever so present.

Pearls of sweat fall off my body, landing on the frigid rocks of the Dalaran sewers.
A little hell fire I brought back from…well hell.
Another consequence of my return.
After the loss of power, the loss of my sight, what’s an eternal fever that won’t ever fucking go away. Nothing fixes it; best damn physicians can’t stop it.

It told me this would happen. Told me to find someplace cold, and stay there.

And so I made Northrend my home. Left my beloved Tanaris behind.


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