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Scraps of paper, #1 -- 55 words


Little Swimmer,

It's getting close.  Laurai is about to pop; she's carrying her girl lower, you're tucked up under my ribs--making it damned hard to catch my breath!  I like feeling you there though.  Next to my heart.

Gods and goats, listen to me gush.

What you do to me, my little man.


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Art Dump: Lots of Doodles

I haven't posted a bunch of doodles on here. Thought I might throw out an art dump for anyone who might enjoy...


Doodle of a frequent occurence around Iloam's flat. Kharris likes to chatter and play with his hair while he's trying to read. Yes, he wears reading glasses. Also, baby bump! Ignore the crappy anatomy.

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Early One Morning

We can't tell the weather down here, two levels down burried at the bottom of the Stockades below the great city of Stormwind Proper. Surrounded by dirt and bones and a good number of worms, I suspect. No windows on the cell - and Gods believe it I wish there were, from the stink pouring from the chamber hole in the corner. I like to imagine its raining up there - the fresh smell of water rolling off clay rooftops and splashing onto cobble streets, filling the cannals to bloat against the sides of bridges.

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Journal entry, White Hart

Laurai seemed to think she was weak, helpless, worthless. Others risked themselves to bring her back, some trapped with no immediate way home. She’s far from unwanted, and I doubt as helpless as she feels right now after all she’s been through, and with her baby so close.

I’m the one feeling helpless. I can give supportive words, comfort as I can. Even offer medicines to help sleeplessness, stress, and nausea. But what else can I really do?

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The Black Farthing -- Shattrath


The Black Farthing


(( This Sunday! 

At 5pm goblin server time and running until around 7pm server time, I'm guessing, I'll be opening the first "Black Farthing" RP night at the World's End Tavern.

Pop by to say hi, pat Kharris's pregnant belly, and taunt her with the alcohol she can't drink. ))



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The Light shall prevail

Against the wind and the tide I could stand any shock.
Straight and proud like Silvemoon upon her rock.
I let no woman near I suffered for Light's care.
In the heart of the night I saw the lightning flare.


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A black, leather bound book rests in a locked box, buried amongst silk linens and a tangle of colored ribbons in a hole of a great tree trunk, high above the fields of the Ecodome in Netherstorm. A wayward traveler's journal, perhaps? Or a diary of a young teenaged magus seeking love in all the wrong places?

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In the class of Master Searingoath


 “And so, this is the teaching of the Second chapter of the Fifth Book of Virtues. Blessed is the Light.” 

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Memoirs of a Floating Life


Time moves differently here, it seems. This morning, I went for a walk around my small world, bounded by mountains. I felt the dirt and stones beneath my bare feet, and I enjoyed the wind in my hair. When I got back to camp, I was a little sweaty from my climb, so I went to use some of my homemade soap in the stream. The ground crunched underfoot, and the dry grasses along the bank tickled my legs. The sun was hot on my shoulders and cheeks. I unfastened the stays of my kilt and let it drop from my hips. For a moment I stood under the sun and enjoyed being alive.

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Monday morning is mail day

It was Monday morning.  Mail day, now that she wasn't conveniently at the posts everyday.  She would trudge over to Shattrath, clean up on Scryer's Tier then head to the apartment for a quick tea and then a romp around the big city for a few hours before hiring an engineer to send her to Everlook in Winterspring.  It was becoming a tradition.

Kharris smiled with satisfaction as the click on the mailbox processed her letters.  She always liked the way the mail symbol flashed to let you know it was doing it's job.  She sent out a few l

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Enna's Plight

10. I messed up real bad this time!

I was gonna go get a cupcake to eat last nite, and accidentally broke the plate Mama and Papa left for me! I dunno what to do now! That was how I'm saposed to get all my food! See, I was gonna get the cupcake, so I picked up the plate and carried it over to the table so i could just eat off of it. Mama and Papa said to just leave it where it was on the counter but I didn't think it would hurt nothing if i didn't get out an extra plate just once, but i dropped it! So now I'm stuck up here by myself with nothing to eat.

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A Gnarled Tree


 It was a long hike to get up here.. I didn't bring my bird. No point, really. She'd have nothing to eat, and I don't want to be foraging.. there's other things I need to do. She'll be fine.. stabled in Thunder Bluff. I told Bas to go hunting once we got here.. no clue when I'll see him again. I haven't seen Cinnabar in weeks. I wish I knew where he was.. but cats are cats. He may be busy. Maybe when I go home, I'll find him. Hope he's okay.

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((Warning: Contains sex, incest, homosexuality, and child abuse. Read at your own risk))


The sandstorm outside is howling, whipping banshee screams through the deserted inner circle of Gadgetztan. Thousands of tiny pebbles crash against the windows of the inn room we’re camped out in. I can barely hear my own panting against the staccato. The sand sounds like gunfire and women’s screams, and I close my eyes against it.


Focus… focus…

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Where I am now

I threw out the last of the strawberry ice cream today. I remember when I bought it. It was before we were even together: we'd had an argument about Zahaith. We were barely more than acquaintances, but I knew she was special. So the ice cream goes, because there is no one here to eat it.

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Kharris sketch


(( While not technically "NSFW", you may want to use caution.  >_> ))


Sketch of Kharris

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Fragments of Family


~From the personal diary of Pri'kha Cruciare~

-Ecodome Farfield, Netherstorm-

I wonder where they've all gone.

Fragments of family.

Can things be as they were?


But they can be better.

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Woken to you

 (( Response to: ))

Fluttering, her eyes opened to the darkened room.  Dawn was creeping in the windows, but night’s darkness still clung to the corners even in this early light. The over zealous sun dazzled her and she withdrew instinctively to the cool comfort of the shadows, blinking.

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Sickness of Soul

Do you truly think a bandage roll will make my heart not hurt? Did you want me to overhear? He knifed me! And you rewarded him with your love once more given to the unworthy. Bandages aren't enough to heal me. My ears won't stop hearing your cries. I'd heard them before, you see... given to ME. You act out of turn, Kharris.. you act to be a knife in my heart cutting deeper than your darling Iloam's blade in my back. The troll had the right of it. I intend to fight.. alpha male indeed, I'll be. If my smile is what you seek, you'll find it. But not at the price you're making me pay...

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Under Your Spell

Her hair falls against the pillow like inky tentacles, reaching for the cool rays of sun that slat in from the windows. They don’t hold any warmth – just light reflected brightly off the snow piled against the sill, but she turns her face towards the golden dawn light anyway. The Light… I suppose it calls to her even in her sleep. I slide the tray of breakfast across the dull, flea-bitten mattress and reach my fingers towards her hair. My shadow falls across her face and I pause. I’ve broken it – the perfect picture.

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Brooding thoughts


Llew lay in bed. The ringing in his ears had faded enough for voices to drift up from below. After a short time, two familiar voices ascended. In the blackness of his room, shutters closed, the hunter listened with growing fury as they moved down the hall a little. Cries soon followed.. cries which made his body stir. He glared down at himself, and lifted a hand to bite it hard, willing the sharp burst of pain to silence his rebellious flesh. The increasing volume in this sensitive ears of their voices - or was he simply listening more closely now?

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For my wife, an orchid.. fragile, delicate, and... in essence.. created. Artificial. Her lips' hue has never been that of an innocent, nor the artful shadows about her eyes. I'm not clever, but I'm not a fool. For that girl.. Heulwenn, or Gwynne... she's a Lily of the Valley, I think.. delicate, fragrant.. but something about her seeks the shade, I think.. and may well be deadly. For that kind priest.. Requiem? A flower of Jasmine.. he spoke so soothingly, for all that the word he spoke enraged my very soul.

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Moon Under Water

Booty Bay has been my solace for so long, it’s no wonder when times get tough, I find myself deep into my cups at the tip of the world. I’d come for my own reasons – running away, you might say, though I’d slit your throat for the insinuation. All the same, the empty drawer Kharris left at the Shattrath flat haunts me all the way out here, alone on a barstool at a shanty dive new to town.

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For Llew

Because Llew asked nicely.   My apologies to Kharris and Sze!


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Feel myself losing control

Llew rose, looking with achingly numb eyes at the figure of his wife in her dressing robe. "Well." His voice is dead. "What do you want to do about us, then?". At his tone, Szeharia averted her eyes.
Her voice was almost diffident. "I have no intention to call for my solictor." She quickly glanced up and away again.

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Close your eyes, dear


I've never felt this tired.. this violated. That's the word.. I can feel him inside me. What a fool I was.. she was right. Stupid, idiot boy. I thought I knew him.. I guess I only found the darkness in ME.. and then he truly came.. and I couldn't fight him.. he wanted her. Oh Light, he wanted her. I could see from beneath.. it was like I was in a long box - ha, maybe a coffin.. MY coffin.. and looking up at him through dark glass. I could see everything he was going to do to her. At first, I was so tired.. it didn't matter.

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I wore our shared soul like a muzzle.

Tethered to your emotions: love, passion, sympathy, nurture. You would have denied you possessed half of the things that I felt as your heart beat in time with mine, but you couldn’t hide them from me. I drowned in you until like a wet rat I clung helplessly to your hull, only hoping to survive rather than fight. Desperation has never been my colouring, Crumpet. I hated what you made us for so long.

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Stop Looking -- 55 words

He waved when I came in, a little smile.  Lazy.  Bored.

She walks in; a nightmare.   Her beauty is horrifying, mesmerizing.  I am not the only one who notices.  Iloam, you would never protect me, would you?  Not from her.


Theryl, Llew, Liore.   Stop looking at me.  Stop looking!  ...

I don't want to exist anymore!




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Lilywhite Lilith - Part 1


"The chamber was in confusion-all the voices shouting loud.
I could only just hear, a voice quite near say, "Please help me through the crowd"
'Said if I helped her thru' she could help me too, but I could see that she was wholly blind.
But from her pale face and her pale skin, a moonlight shined."

- Lilywhite Lilith, Genesis


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I'll take your breath away..

Llewellyn Brightcloud stood calmly outside the chamber within which he would become Szeharia Everbloom's husband. He could hear ritual chanting with which he was unfamiliar, and quelled a nervous thought sternly. He turned, and faced one wall, and closed his eyes. Looked within himself. Thoughts rippled in the usually still waters of his mind like savage pike sculling amid river reeds for their prey.

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Three small words

Shattrath was busy.  Languages rolled around her like water, drowning her.  Common.  Thalassian.  Draenei.  Orcish.  A smattering of dwarven for color.  The musical lilt of Gnomish and the subtle whisper of Trollish.


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