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Not Goodbye, I'll See You Later

The forge was dark and empty, the furnace and smelters long since closed off for the night. She sat at the desk in her small office, a single candle the only source of light.


With her head low over the page she busied herself with writing her letter, the dark red strands hanging over her face while she worked. Dressed in her full plate armor she seemed ready for a battle or perhaps an attack. “Alright… Lilliana… Aelberyn…”

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The Seer and the Squire.

The day had been pleasant at best for most in Silvermoon city; I watched as children and their parents moved through the streets going about their daily business.


I sat comfortably on the bend near the jewelers market waiting for Lilthessa to come by on her daily trip there, I was lucky enough to catch her without much of a wait.


“Hello Miss Sierra.” Her voice brought me out of my thoughts and I smiled up at the warlock.


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A Deal With The Devil

I set Gabriella down gently in her cot; a small smile upon my lips as I moved back into the main room of my cottage the small candle upon the table had already burnt low and the, darkness seemed to be pushing against the orange glow that would fade soon enough.

Without much through I moved towards the small fireplace and tossed in a few logs already chopped days earlier. “Can’t believe this place came out how I intended.” I muttered as the flame finally caught dancing happily upon the dried wood that would give it life for many hours.


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Circles Pt. 1


The chamber hums to my footsteps. The dome above me whispers and flickers with coruscating light, pulsing as if to my slow heartbeats.

How did I come here? Why?

The answer is simple if blunt, and in this place of blackest magics, I shall choose honesty with myself if no one else. I have a hunger I cannot fill. A craving I cannot sate.

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The fug of the small stable is a pleasant and truly bracing scent. Horses, their shifting hooves a rustling thud. One horse specifically, of course. My Alphonse. He lips at my overcoat, dribbling half masticated alfalfa hay over the lacing. My tailor would have a fit.

This morning, I dressed myself. I'm certain those who hate me would be terribly surprised that I am able to do so, but a man has need of privacy at times, and this time assuredly was one.

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All I ever wanted is here in your arms


I fly to her as often as I can. It enrages Svartja, but the feelings of my mount are of very little relative importance to me.

I'm a bad one for wanting what I can't have.

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