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Such is Life

 ((Originally posted 2006/11/25))

A voice within her mind disrupted the search for a metal chain for the raptor hatchlings. Come out, Hakkajin. I'll be waiting. Hakkajin paused in mid-speech with the goblin merchant she was speaking to and hastily walked out into the jungle in order to have some space to think. The voice was unquestionably Uzil’s, but the tone was ominous. I'm at the overlook cliffs, north of Revantusk. We need to talk.

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Page 4: The Journey

It was easier than I expected. I didn't have to go into the Undercity or see any of the horrors that guard the corridors and entrances to that place. The Orb was placed outside, in the Courtyard. I simply walked up to it and triggered it.
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Page 2: The Box

(( New to being posted, older chronologically ))

Leiral asked me to sleep with her. She was having nightmares too, after our trip. Thoughts of her brother, as I am having. Unlike me, she does not know if her brother is alive or dead. Her fear speaks through her dreams.

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Page 1: Nightmares


(( New to being posted, chronologically older. ))

The hand falls on my shoulder. It is very cool. The grip is very firm. There is an unpleasantly wet sound as the figure behind me shifts. The back of my neck prickles.

Ever since we went to that haunted castle in Silverpine... I can't sleep.

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Page 1: Temper'd


I didn't want to bring him with me.

I've seen people bring their animal companions with them wherever they go. Even Sylarne's silver tabby never leaves his side, no matter what danger we're walking into, let alone powerful animals like bears and panthers and even worgs like Foo. All of those animals accompany their masters into battle without hestitation, and I had brought Temper into mountain depths and haunted castles with me.

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Page 13: The Third Day - Alone

I was watching the first light of dawn begin its dance on the waters of the lake when I knew he was there.

The slight shifting of the log under his weight.

The faint shadow stretching out across the water behind and beside me.

The smell of his skin.

I stood, turned, There he was. I guess I wasn't the only one who didn't want this to drag on any further.


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Page 12: Second Day Alone - Stonetalon

The poor sleep and all the exertion of the day before caught up with me. I slept far past the sunrise. My left leg was numb from the knee down, because there was an enormous worg with his head on my knee.

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Page 11: First Day Alone - Feralas

I didn't sleep well last night. It was so hard to let myself drop off. The bed was empty... so empty. I didn't realize how used to having him there I'd become. My back was cold, no matter how I wrapped myself in the blankets.

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Page 10: Howling at the Moon


It wasn't that he didn't love me. I'm almost positive...


It was just that... I don't know. We disagreed on some things...

And those things just... got under his skin. Everything was enormous.

One fight...

That was all it took for him to leave me. And tell me he didn't love me.

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Page 9: Wolfrider

They’d retired him from battle, no longer able to carry the weight of an orc in full wargear. He has a bad paw. But his coat and eyes still shine, he’s still bright in my eyes. After months working in this stable, I finally have him.

They called him Foe-Mauler. But he answers to Foo.


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Page 7: Divine Intervention

My life for yours.
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Snapped Asunder

We broke.

I can understand her not believing me. I never allowed myself to be taken in by her mask of blameless innocence. I saw the thoughtless pain she caused, and I set myself in an antagonistic position against it. My dislike was not hidden, so I can understand that she would distrust my views.

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Leiral knew, saw it coming.

I didn't know him well enough. I believed the lies he told himself, and us.

We're two and two and one again, and I've been the one and it's awful.

Every option I see before us causes pain to one of us.

Love is a curse we cast upon ourselves.

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Strange Allies With Warring Hearts

We're broken, all of us.

When it comes to an object (a vase, a gem, a weapon) you can smash a number, line them up and say "Yes, this one is more broken than that."

When it comes to people, there is no more or less broken, there are just different ways of shattering.  Different ways to deal with it.  To get along, we must realise that the differences in our pain do not make one's any more or less important that another's.  I cannot judge anyone else by my scale, nor can they judge me by theirs.

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Head Ack In Silvermoon

(( A note of explaination: I had to post this, even though I am not caught up to this point in the story just yet... what happens when a Non-RPer encounters two RPers who continue to play along long past the point of reason? Read and see! All of the text from "Sephrroth" is rendered exactly as he typed it, with nothing removed or corrected. The only thing that we changed was to refuse to allow him to godmode us into being bitten, having our blood sucked, or being "punchis" the face, but instead redirected everything he did to the stairs. Enjoy! We certainly did!

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Beast of the heavens!

I sat, alone in the rented hut, staring out at the rare and welcome Durotar rain. My mind, my thoughts had been, of late, plagued, or perhaps blessed, by a singular entity.

Um, there's a bear.
Yes, there is.
So, does anyone know the bear?
I don't know the bear.

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Artisania Marveloso did, in fact, believe in ghosts.

After all, she had seen them with her own two eyes.

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Journal Page Thirteen: Of Masks

A mask is painted upon our skin, for the world to see
We weave sweet lies with veiled eyes,
And whisper to all, "This is me."

I was trying to make a joke.  Maybe I'm unpracticed at it.  But really, except for the rare Hallow's End treat, or the witch's illusion, it does seem to be makes things I get turned into.  I'm willing to be even the frog is, though I'm usually too busy hopping around to check.

Maybe Leiral missed the "turned into" part of that.  I'm a woman now, yes, but I always was.

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Journal Page Twelve: Of Fishing and Surprises

My mother, the human one, always said that Ladies shouldn't fish (along with many other things they apparently shouldn't do.)  If I did get my hands on any gear, and she caught me, then it earned a rap over my knuckles with her wand.  Trying to practice casting, for so long I could still feel those blows, and it made my progress difficult.

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(( Originally posted March 7, 2007 @ RealmPortal ))

Maybe I should have lied. Little white lie, lie of omission, something, anything other than the truth.

I knew it wouldn't matter; my poor Troll-brother is not built to be alone.

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(( Originally posted February 7, 2007 @ the Eternal Path forums ))

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Page 4: By the Water

The little pond was one of my favorite things about Sun Rock. From the first moment we had flown in and I’d seen the light dancing across it, and every morning when I awoke and made my way across the little bridge. It puzzled me, sometimes, that there was both a stepping-path and a bridge across it. Mostly, I ignored the stepping-path, turning my back to them to lean against the railing of the bridge and feel the morning around me.
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Letters to Thrall'tukk, 6

(( Originally posted February 6, 2007 @ RealmPortal ))

Dear Thrall'tukk,

How have you been? Are you still staying in Silvermoon? I'm sorry I haven't been back to visit like I said I would. I find certain places, complicated, to be in right now. Unfortunately, the city is one of them.

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Journal, Page Two: Of Thoughtlessness

(( Originally posted February 3, 2007 @ RealmPortal ))

I'm unnatural.

Got it, thanks. Did she have to point it out to an entire Inn of people, including a couple of psychotic druids? I'm not sure anyone else heard, but still.

Does she think the truth doesn't hurt?

I'm not stupid, and it's pretty obvious.

I'm unnatural.

And I'm alone.

Fifth Wheel

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Journal, Page One: Of Family and Friends

(( Originally posted February 2, 2007 @ RealmPortal ))

It was just an itsy little oversight.

In the shape of a not-so-itsy little brother.

I was only gone two weeks! After not being gone for, well, a hundred years, but still! And all right, I didn't say what I was going to do, because I really didn't need to listen to his comments about the new procedures. (They didn't fail as often as he thinks, and of course he'd remember the handful of times people, well, died.)

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Page 3: Sunrise

I made my way slowly to the pond at the center of the village, my feet disappearing in the early morning groundmist until I stepped up onto the bridge. It was quiet, most of the merchants and other inhabitants didn't seem to be awake yet. I listened to the birds singing, and the insistent banging of a woodpecker. The sky was a study in peach and gold, what of it I could see above the rocks. I would have to see if I could find a perch to watch the sunrise from. The lilies bobbed gently, as a frog, startled by my shadow, hopped off of the bank.

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Page 2: Monsters


I seated myself on the edge of the overlook and dangled my legs over it. I was looking over the little village as twilight painted it in shades of purple and orange, watching the light sparkle on the little pond, peering upwards as the stars began to dimly peek out.

Uzil muttered about his building efforts as he lumbered over to the edge, seating himself alongside me and gently pulling me towards him. "Least the weather is cooperative. Cool, sunny, no rain... Whatcha thinking 'bout, Nen?"

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Page 1: Homebuilding

I am building. Not just building this house, with Uzil, that is just the outward sign, a framework, for the entire life that I'm making now, from foundations to finish. I know I won't finish the work on the inner effort as easily and quickly as we'll be finishing the outer, but all the same, the metaphor pleases me. It's good to know that I can do something like this. It's good to have faith again.

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Page 20: Second Flight, Nonstop to Home


The flightmaster looked me up and down skeptically, clearly not fond of the idea of an elf on one of his windriders, nor probably of a Troll and elf cuddling in public, but when his eye fell on my shiny insignia, he shrugged slightly. It clearly wasn't worth the hassle of arguing over it. Grumbling slightly, he handed Uzil the reins of a particularly husky looking wyvern. "Don't fall off," he growled.


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