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Smoke and Shadows

Sitting in the dawn mists of Mulgore, sipping tea brewed scalding hot and strong, I know I should be warm. Valor is against my side, his powerful jaws crunching through the leg bone of a plainstrider, and I am dressed well against the early-morning chill. But I am cold to the bone.

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Are You Okay?

Stranger and stranger, I swear!!

Things seem to have gotten a little awkward since we had dinner together.  It's like we suddenly don't know what to do with ourselves anymore.  Even normal stuff we do all the time, like fighting at each others side has gotten....weird.

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Journal Page Thirteen: Of Masks

A mask is painted upon our skin, for the world to see
We weave sweet lies with veiled eyes,
And whisper to all, "This is me."

I was trying to make a joke.  Maybe I'm unpracticed at it.  But really, except for the rare Hallow's End treat, or the witch's illusion, it does seem to be makes things I get turned into.  I'm willing to be even the frog is, though I'm usually too busy hopping around to check.

Maybe Leiral missed the "turned into" part of that.  I'm a woman now, yes, but I always was.

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Journal Page Twelve: Of Fishing and Surprises

My mother, the human one, always said that Ladies shouldn't fish (along with many other things they apparently shouldn't do.)  If I did get my hands on any gear, and she caught me, then it earned a rap over my knuckles with her wand.  Trying to practice casting, for so long I could still feel those blows, and it made my progress difficult.

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Diary: Page Thirty-six

(( Originally posted September 22, 2006 @ RealmPortal ))

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Diary: Page Thirty-five

(( Originally posted September 14, 2006 @ RealmPortal ))


  • copy Meleen's letter, send it to:
    • Zue'laji
    • Aviyanna
    • Siwili
    • Uzil
    • Undel
    • Hakkajin and Andra (?) -- they still might kill him...
    • Tabaqui
  • send Tabaqui an explanation on what I was babbling about. She wasn't there!
  • finish reading Kowits' notes
  • find Sheva
  • find the spider
  • find the Dopl-whatever


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Diary: Page Thirty

(( Originally posted August 4, 2006 @ RealmPortal ))

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The Pain That’s In Your Truth’s Deceiving

(( Originally posted July 7, 2006 @ RelamPortal ))

“W-well, d-do y-you w-want m-me t-to l-look? It's okay, it d-doesn't b-bother m-me, y-you know. I know a l-lot of F-forsaken are upset w-with h-how they l-look.”

When did I lose control of this conversation?

“N-no, I...”

I shouldn’t have said anything, shouldn’t have started. I don’t want to talk about this part, I just wanted to talk about the changes inside.

“B-but I'd j-just c-check f-for r-recent s-scars or w-whatnot.”

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Page 12: Uzil and a Bear

The blanket under my face was wet with tears, and the little serpent was making upset little noises when a hand descended gently on my hair. "Bargain not done. You still need learn about Trolls. Learn Orcish. Join horde when can." He... came back? He lifted his hand from my head, and I heard him poking around in the firepit, causing a flare of heat against my bare shoulders.

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