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Smoke and Shadows

Sitting in the dawn mists of Mulgore, sipping tea brewed scalding hot and strong, I know I should be warm. Valor is against my side, his powerful jaws crunching through the leg bone of a plainstrider, and I am dressed well against the early-morning chill. But I am cold to the bone.

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Walking Him Home

(( Originally posted 12/14/06 on Realmportal ))

I put my hand to his hand.

It's cool and leathery. The night air is just beginning to leech away the heat.

It is not unlike when we were all in the cave in Dustwallow, waiting for him to wake up. Word of mouth passed quickly through the Horde: Gaark is dying.

He's cooling now, so quickly.

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They're Calling Him Home

(( Originally posted 12/13/06 on Realmportal ))

"Avi ran into Gaark, Tabi."

"Mm hmm?"

"She says the spirits are gatherin' around him pretty strong, little sister. You should talk to him. Soon."

"...uh huh. Well, h-he's s-sick. I knew that."

"...Soon, Tabi. Real soon."


"It's okay, Tabi. She says she's seein' his people waitin' on him. He won't be alone. He's gonna be fine."

"But I l-love h-him! I d-don't w-want h-him t-to d-die!"

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Loving the Unlovable: A Reunion Pt. 1

(( Posted by screaming demand of a certain pink-haired Trollgirl ))

You know, I've said, over and over, I'm not very good at love.

I guess I thought I'd gotten better at it. I'm a mother, after all. Liluye is growing large in my belly, an unweidy lump six months in the making. If I - or she - was pure Troll, she's have only another month to sleep, but being as how we're both halfbreeds, there's no knowing how long she'll take to come out. And that's fine with me. I don't want to start out my relationship with my daughter being demanding. 

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Can't Walk Away

(Originally posted April 7th, 2006)

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Family Time

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Pledges, Part 1

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Let The Women Kill Him

(Originally posted March 1st, 2006)



{{ Posted 12/29/05 on Realmportal by Tabaqui }}

Tabi shifted uneasily, lifting her head from arms folded across her knees. She'd dozed, waiting for the stars to fade.

It seemed to her that she had dreamed... something was being pulled two ways. She was standing at the top of a hill, looking at a forked path. The path led further up the hill, and down into a misty vale.

Tabaqui looked at the greyish figure that seemed to stand next to her. Indistinct, yet female, unknown yet clearly sentient, the figure hesitated between the paths.

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Guarding the Dreamer

(Originally posted January 31st, 2006) 

I slip into the inn a few minutes after our good nights, as quietly as I can.  Curled up her, hammock she's asleep already, her journal tucked under her arm.  Minding my damaged hands I take a spot between her and the doorway.  Between this one so suddenly dear and that which would disturb her rest...

I rest bandaged forearms on my knees and lean back against the smooth wooden wall.  Weary myself... but somehow comforted.  I hope I do the same for her.  Sweet dreams...

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Faces in the Cards

(Originally posted January 26th, 2006) 

My friends - my adopted family - remain behind, bathed in the starwash of Mulgore night.  The day's labor ended, and some victory achieved... though what the final price will be is still uncertain.  I make my way to the Lower Rise and the inn.  Thinking on what's happened, I spread the players out before my mind's eye like Darkmoon Faire cards, friend and foe alike...

Xhaztol.  You are a cipher to me.  Your condition gives me pause where trusting you is concerned.  Time will tell what role you have to play.

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Darkness Falls

(Originally posted January 24th, 2006)

(Pinned to the door of Borel's quarters in the Undercity)

Darkness Falls

Darkness falls; my foes rejoice.
From scattered places, they gather as light fades
And cheer the coming night.
We go to meet them
Our path not one of our desire
But yet, still of our choosing.
Into darkness we ride.  Give up, or go on.

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With Fire and Sword

(Originally posted January 19th, 2006) 

Night on the beach, crash of waves, seabreeze taking the stink of smoke and blood as upon the mountain the troll city burns.  Tabi grins at me feraly. 

"Are you happy now?" 

I brush cinders from my cloak, grinning at her in return.  "Muuuccch better."


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Pieces of the Puzzle

(Originally posted January 17th, 2006) 

Unable to sleep, I stare at the ceiling of my quarters in the Undercity.  My new friend has no such problem; the small, orange cat lays tucked in the crook of my arm.  I reach down with my other hand to scratch him behind the ears.

You need a pet! she tells me, smiling.  Odd where comfort can come from these days.

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The Heros Are the Girls

(Originally posted January 12th, 2006)

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As We Wait

I told Thrall’tukk once, that if I had my way, I would stay at home, be a tailor, and never fight again.  He didn’t believe me, and I’m starting to believe he was right.  I am certainly at home more now that I have been in recent days, but I find there are times when I just have to, move.

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The Ledger of Lorith Stonegarten - For Tabaqui


*left rolled up in a leather case under a certain tree, by a certain pool, in a certain corner of Stranglethorn Vale*

((picture under the break))

It's Tabi!

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So Much, So Fast

So much is happening so fast.  I feel as if my head is spinning.  The Dark Portal has opened, for one thing, and demons are now coming through it.  And I know it won't be long before Tundra goes through it too.  And one way or another, I will go with him.

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For Want Of Mothers


"S-she d-doesn't h-have a m-mother."

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No One Walks The Path Alone (Part I)

Sometimes it's interesting to sit back and look at our lives.  Look at the people around us.  Just...

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"Hello Tundra."

"Good evening Shivae."

"Everything okay?"

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One Thing At A Time

"Bless you, mortals, for this release....Hakkar controls me no longer!"

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Awaiting the Sunrise

The Alliance seems bent on bringing down the leaders of the Horde.   They tried again to attack Cairne, and this time even made it to his Tent.  Do they think us so stupid as to forget

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Embracing Darkness


It seems to be the only time I see Tundra lately.  There and the Zhevra.  But....

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Since I felt Brawne die, things have been a whirlwind of emotions.

Despair.     That I have lost a good friend.  And I don't even know why?

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Owachi Hetawa

For two days he was gone, and for two days he blocked me out....

I saw him there by the pond on the lower rise of Thunder Bluff, standing next to Borel and Jessa and another Shaman.  I reached out and touched his arm...

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The Dawn

(( Originally posted 2006/01/26 )) 

I woke with a start, the recollection of my nightmare fading already. I am sure it had something to do with Stratholme. I relocated Tabaqui's pillow to the ground and moved a bit away, so I would not wake her with my pen scratchings.

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The Eve of Battle

(( Originally posted 2006/01/24 ))

I have not put pen to paper in some time now. Partly it is the confrontation with Valgasha — and whatever allies he may have — and partly it is an awful weariness that has crept over me. I spent more time slumbering than awake, now. Tabaqui seems worried, but we have much larger problems right now.

New Friends, New Fears

Dear Mother and Father,

I've been scared. I haven't even written you since last time, months ago. Not since Lady Cheraville died. She was murdered, and Aluella told me someone was killing nobles. That I might be in trouble. Since then I've been in Kalimdor, mostly. Sometimes I'll come back to Stormwind or Darkshire for a little bit. I visited Khaz Modan. But whenever I am in the Eastern Kingdoms I am looking over my shoulder, worrying that the other person walking the same way on an errand is following me, that kind of thing. I don't like it.


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