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Doing Time

Prison in Silvermoon was better than prison in Kezan...

But prison, is still always going to be prison.

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Full Circle

((Post for Gil's one year anniversary Horde side!)

One year...

He found it funny to think that it had only been that long.

Everything seemed like it moved so much faster, like half of a lifetime had been fit into the confines of a number of days. He had aged noticeably over the course of the past year, both in body and spirit.

He was more fit if anything. Muscles and general health had increased over the year as he'd gone about various activities...

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Sat at his desk eyeing a letter left for him at the sanctum. He read over it many times, and yet he was still full of confusion.

"Madates that don't exsit." he repeated the line to himself many times before it struck him.

"I need to put my knights back in check... and myself... Lord Tiradell is completely right. Knight Moriea's random beatings of citizens for 'information' must be put to an end."

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Identity Crisis

Gil shook violently.

Pull yourself together damn it...

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Sink or Swim

Daraman swung open the door to his apartment, both surprised and irritated at what he saw.  They had finally removed the shattered remains of his bed, but instead of leaving a replacement, they had left several furs on the floor.  On his dresser was a note, in orcish, apologizing for the delay in getting a replacement bed and one should be in by week's end.  He sighed and looked at the fur pile.  It looked comfortable enough, and he had slept on much worse in his life.  It was certainly better than the stone slab he had slept on during his time in Undercity, and he was tired enough that he probably could have slept comfortably on jagged rocks at this point.  It had been a long day, yet again. 

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